Om kushi dear La bhaen
Yes, indeed, multi millions congratulations to the diamond like Thai family for the seva accomplished over ther years and for this new place of seva. I wish I could go visit you there. Let us see the future & it will be.
All right => I will send you a few lines as for my own "awakening" back in 94. I should be able to send you this by the coming week end.
Please do convey my purest thoughts & feeling of love for the "old timers" who would still remember me.
In Baba s yaad & seva
Br Stephane
Om shanti sister LA.
This is bro Stephane writting from, Grenoble, France. I trust you are keeping well and that you are flying ever higher towards Baba.
As for me, all is currently fine after nearly 27 years in gyan. I still remember quite well the first lesson I took with you at the center, in MArch 1994.
I am now based in Grenoble, taking care of a Gita Patshala & of my lokik mother who is growing quite old at 91.
In terms of seva I have often said to Baba that "Baba, you have to send me to Thailand once again before maha vinash, for the purpose of seva". But, as Drama is accelerating as as it is more & more difficult to travel,
perhaps this won t happen. Then the tought has come to offer the possibility to carry out an online seva, as this is the trend nowadays. I am quite used to this practice both in my job & also in the context of seva.
Thus, this is an open offer to you & the family: should you feel that your French brother could be of some us at any point in time in the future for a conferenceor webinar, do not hesitate. I would be more than happy to join
forces to carry out seva with my eternal original alokik family.
Here is the latest program Baba has used me for, connected with Shanti Sarovar.
Accha hay?
Om shanti & sowat dee khrap
Br Stephane