Thank you Baba
A journey of 33 diamond years with Baba, creating so many diamonds along the way. Baba's valuable instrument, Sr.La ✨
(Forever Father’s Companion Soul)
Gifting a small lovely ride to Baba's valuable instrument :
Let's come into the seat of this Swamaan: - I am the beloved Companion soul, always experiencing the company of Father Shiva…..
Song: - It feels like every step Baba walks with me
We will go to Baba’s rock…. Baba says, o my child – there are millions in your foot step.
I the soul as per teachings of my Father going as an Angel…. BapDada is walking along with me….. He is guiding me by holding my finger…..
Child, you have come here not for first time….. you have been walking to this spiritual pilgrimage like this for eternity….. See multi millions are there at your footsteps….. Wherever you put your foot…. There is earning of millions accumulating.....
These powerful vibrations emitting from your feet….. Spreading the waves of calmness, love and zeal in the earth too….. Merging in the earth these cool waves…..
making this earth feel of deep peace….. Sweet remembrance of only one Shivbaba resides in your every breath….. powerful rays of purity are scattering in the atmosphere….. Your soft heart having constant remembrance, that is “Only Shivbaba is mine, no one else”….. Only “Ram” resides in your heart…..
By your own practice revealing the God, you are the image of support…. Do you remember, my shakti. You have given your hand in my hand for Aeons making the Earth free from the burden of sins….. You are cooperative soul of Shivbaba….. Do you remember sweet child…. only you are… for whom I, your imperishable Father….. incarnate on this earth for aeons….. Come my beloved…. long lost now found child… come… Now experience all relations with your imperishable Father….. Claim the inheritance of happiness from that imperishable Supreme Soul….. Come on my multimillion fold fortunate child of Aeon…. Come and merge in the lap of your Father…..
You are the one
Om Shanti