Dear Sister La,
Greetings of love!
The video clip is very, very beautiful. I am so glad that Baba has given you a very special space to move into. I imagine that this has been purchased, and so this will be a place where you will be staying until the end of the Kalpa. It makes me very pleased to think that Baba has provided you with such a lovely place.
On the memorial of the Yagya moving from Karachi to India, 5 May, it’s wonderful that you are also celebrating the birthday anniversary of Rajyoga in Thailand!
Great to know that you’ve been able to have two main gatherings of BKs, and that the plantation and farming can help you be self-sufficient!
I will definitely visit Om Sweet Home in the subtle form.
Take care,
It’s wonderful that the house/land has been given to you for use for 10-15 years. It seems really great! Definitely, the land of Brahma will serve until the very final moments.
Take care,
In Baba’s sweet remembrance,
Sister Jayanti