15 September 2023 (10.00-12.00 noon) “Spiritual Social Work on Healthy living”
at Hauchiew Chalermprakiet University (Samut Prakan)

Translated by Sr.Prapa

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Experience shared br Sr.Eung (co-ordinator) (click)

18 September 2023(9.30-11.00 am.) 'Self Mastery to create a Better Future' at Modern International School of Bangkok

The PSHE Department organised a workshop for students of year 11 & 12. The organiser expressed their appreciation...
It was an honor to host our esteemed guest speaker Sister Gopi Patel, a distinguished senior Raja Yogi hailing from the UK. We also had with us Ms. Sheetal and Ms. Prajwal who had initiated the workshop along with Ms. Neelu, Ms. Sujata and Ms. Disha from the Brahma Kumaris organisation.

Sister Gopi's journey has been one defined by a lifelong commitment to spiritual growth and inner leadership. Her unwavering dedication to personal development and self-mastery has not only transformed her own life but has also served as a guiding light for countless individuals worldwide. At the workshop, she stood before us as a beacon of inspiration, encouraging our students and teachers present, to unlock their true potential and create positive change in our lives and communities.

"The workshop with Sr Gopi was truly an enlightening experience. Their insightful views on mindfulness and spiritual growth left a lasting impact, and their short exercises about virtues gave a chance for self reflection. The peaceful atmosphere and their warm guidance made it a very memorable event."
School Captain
Modern International School of Bangkok

18 September 2023(4.00-5.30 pm.) Online, "Master of your emotion for life success" hosted by ICBC
As Asst.Vice President, Sr.Bowling-(Nicharat) organized Online Programme for her Commercial Bank

    Experience shared by Sr.Bowing:
  1. Better understanding self and others: EMOTIONS come and go all over the time , so rather than we focus on emotion we sbould focus to be the master by managing the state of minds and letting go. As the result, my point of view is more clear in decision making and empathy to others. Gain trust from my supervisor and colleague with the more stable mind.
  2. By facilitating the session with you in English given opportunity by Sister La and my company , I can see myself and bring out the best in my bigger capability as I have never seen myself in such a way, because it was my first time doing this. You are inspired me a lot. while I was conduct session, I feel like having personal talk with Baba and personal talk with you teaching the knowledge to me as well as trying my best to bring out the key message for the employees. I was feeling so happy and enligthen my perspective a lot. Your words are sharp, concise, easy for understanding and use the sample through your real story is very impressive. Not only me, all the ICBC's employee are appreciated this session and it was new experience for them too.

22 September 2023(10.00-12.00 noon) “Check & Change” at Nakhon Ratchasima college
for 80 students and 20 BKs

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Virtues Scope


The first hour, we introduced Brahma Kumaris(VDO), followed by group activities to develop values for a better world. The last hour, Sr.Gopi gave clear direction how to check & change with the spirit of leader in action.

27 September 2023(10.00-12.00 noon) , "Living as arts" for 54 students
at Bunditpatanasilpa Institute of Fine Art, Nakornpathom.
In Thailand 'Ganesh' is the main worship idol for wisdom to learn the arts of living

(From left to right)
  1. Assoc.Prof Jintana Saitongkam, Dean of Faculty of Music and Drama, Bundit Patasilpa Institute
  2. Ms.Nittaya Kaewbucha
  3. Asst.Prof. Noppakun Sudprasert
  4. Asst.Prof. Rittithep Taohirun, Faculty of Music and Drama, Bundit Patasilpa Institute, Ministry of Culture

Back drop was especially designed to invite special artists.

What is living as art?
Any normal action that takes on a special degree of attention, expression, finesse and value is an art- a high standard of doing thing.
Living becomes art when every thought, word and action is an expression of spiritual fullness.

The art of thinking
We create our world based on thoughts. This art is about mastering the ability to review your mental creations, and reclaim the power to create high-quality thoughts that are independent of external influences and align with your true self.

Spiritual Arts presented by Br.Pom
Art and spirituality have some similar processes. That is, when the life of an artist perceives the knowledge of this world into the mind, it will reflect or convey it in a meaningful, valuable and beautiful way, e.g. in songs through musical melodies, some write poetry,literature , Some create canvas paintings, others perform dances on stage. What they do is to create beauty in a variety of ways.

Each of us is an artist who can create value or convey beauty from within. Some of our words and deeds are sweet, some are brave, some are strong, and some are honest if we look at the world as having a lot of hidden values if we believe that everyone has good intrintic qualities in both art and spirit, it may become a tool to reveal beauty,to enrich both ourselves and the world to be beautiful and livable for a long time.

Shared by Sr.Pum (co-ordinator)
The invaluable experience gained from the heart-opening of the much-respected teachers at the National Institute of Development Arts
Sr.Gopi Patel shared the spriritual knowledge with first-year students by introducing
2 arts of life “patience and tolerance” with which we can always win and find success.
* Stop expecting, Spend time in a worthwhile way , understand everything in life... ...wait for the right rhythm to change and grow. Wait and see...

Om Shanti

Personal Experiences

Here is the overall plan of service during her visit.
  1. Shared by Sr.Prapa
    A report on BK Sr.Gopi Patel’s visit to Thailand between 28 August to 28 September 2023
    Sr.Gopi Patel placed her footsteps on the land of Brahma on 28 August 2023 to transit to China. The first impression during amrit vela she shared to us in the next morning is that she felt safety here and Baba assured that He is operating and controlling everything here.
    I would like to express my sincerest appreciation to BapDada for having sent Sr.Gopi to Thailand. I believe that there must be big changes in the Thai BK family and service throughout Thailand. She possesses the divine character of our ancestor souls as I saw in her purity, sweetness, and motherly love of Mama; leadership and might of Dadi Prakashmani; royalty, dedication, and dignity of Dadi Gulzar ; and wisdom, simplicity and humility of Dadi Janki. Most of all, her own stability is experienced by all who met. It is the wonder of the drama that at the end, the new BKs who have not seen the Dadis can see them through her as well as old BKs have been assured of Baba’s unlimited sustenance. Her presence confirms to all of us that unbroken love and firm faith in Baba definitely lead to victory.

  2. Shared by Sr.Pum
    Sr.Gopi’s yoga power was visible through her personality of simplicity, stability and nobleness. She showed love and care to bridge the gaps and guided brothers /sisters of what to do while they were on the field of service. Her words of truth was easy to understand but deep in leading us into the real essence. Her answers led us into the core of knowledge. Her commentary was also easy to follow and inspire us to increase yoga power. Just using the method of silence that brought everyone back to experience their true nature again. Sr. Gopi was evidently an example of calmness throughout the celebration of peace in Korat. ( Sr.Pum)
Many more experiences to be shared in Thai news. Only some was translated to inspire all to appreciate divine sustainance through different divine instruments.

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