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Sr.Gopi Patel's visit
13-27 September '23 (part 1)

For the first time Sr.Gopi stepped in Thailand on 16 August,'23, we welcome her at Sr.Wallapa's place for convenience to land from UK and to fly to China early morning.

Her second time from China, she was at Sinthu centre for 2 nights 28-29 August,'23 to catch morning flight to Indonesia on 30 August,'23. As Sr.Da translated Sr.Gopi's Murli, Sr.La also joined with students online without her knowing.
For the third time Sr.La welcome her back to celebate Rakshabandhan and Janamashmi. From Indonesia she was accompanied by Sr.Disha (Bombay) to serve Thailand during 13-28 September as per attached programme.
Sr.La’s inspiration - This English service news from different programs/ topics in 2 weeks was the first attempt to share with the rosary in 2 parts. It was a record breaking effort to serve Thailand both in detailed requirements and the whole concept to reflect spirituality in reality. I remember Dadi Janki's words of wisdom. “Spirituality is something that others will understand by seeing me. The person in front of me should have the feeling that they have understood what spirituality is when they are in my presence”. (click)

Under the same umbella of 'Silence is Calling', see what happened to this land in September 2023? Positive energy keeps flowing in with all the feedback one after another….to be continued…. to express both in English and Thai version.

Once we finalised for Sr.Gopi to serve Thailand in September '23, the International day of Peace on 21 September was fixed as the main concept to give message to Peace lovers, "Million Minute of Peace appeal" was the first International project to open the door of Thailand in 1986 with Karankaravanhar.

Every programme arranged to reflect Spirituality for the sake of creating a beautiful world through silence

Silence is Spirituality

Sr.Neelu and Sr.Sheetal from Sukhumvit Centre had more opportunity to learn to do service together. They seem to have full right to feel their heart beat.

BK Life is all about lessons learnt, growth experienced, lives touched, and Baba's dreams fulfilled. A very empowering and enlightening September this year, thanks to sweet Bapdada and Sr La. We had a very satisfying time with Sr Gopi and Sr Disha, which set us on a different level of self reflection so as to grow to another height in our own journey.

I had the opportunity to visit all sessions held at school and universities, since my area of interest is youth and young adults, I felt it was very insightful to experience in person how Sr. Gopi handled each session with a unique tailor made approach.

Kudos to our Thai family and Sr La, who actually organised the whole trip in such a way to keep a perfect balance of empowerment, self reflection, enjoyment, solitude, and togetherness.

The University sessions were so well arranged and so well received by the young adults, they have each given feedback that they felt touched and would like more of such sessions in near future.

Sr. La, Sr. Prapha, and her team of Thai brothers and Sisters are truly Baba's Athak sevadhaaris. I have always felt so much joy and upliftment in my times with them.

It is never enough in sangam to feel this way, we are so looking forward to Sr Gopi and Sr Disha to visit us again.

Sr Sheetal

Dadi Janki holds a very special place in my heart and had always wished I could get a chance to be with her and take her sustenance. Since I got to know about Sr Gopi's visit to Bangkok, I felt as if Dadi herself was coming here and I was eagerly waiting for those days to come and so Sr Gopi became that special instrument through which Baba and Dadi have fulfilled me with anything and everything I could have ever asked for.

I had the fortune to be with Sr Gopi for 5 days and they were the most Powerful, Impactful and Uplifting moments for me. Got to learn so much from her, she's a living example of Dadi's palna and Baba's shrimat.

Her days were packed with sewa programs and inspite of her health issues she was always available with her cheerful smile and powerful vibrations making everyone content.

She has definitely charged us up with her practical classes, powerful drishti and guided and corrected us with full authority and love to make us Baba's good instruments.

Thank you to wonderful Drama, Baba and Dadi for sending this special Angel

Br.Sutti ...coordinated 2 programmes at his office BINGO in his space of happiness on 13 Sept.,23 for 30 close contacts and at Assumption University on 19 Sept,23 for 80 Uni students.

Thanks for tips of happiness from Australian

Sister Gopi has beautifully & craftily planted the seeds of spiritual wisdom in the mind of Thais for both groups of senior and youth with practical, interactive approaches. Among the senior, she had taught them how to tap into their eternal, inner happiness and left them with happy memories. While for the youth, she had encouraged them to become self-mastery for their future growth. The impression was beyond her words of wisdom but also more evidently the way Sister Gopi shined out her inner happiness and values as a living proof throughout the entire periods.

At the entrance, there was a welcome sign.

The horses in the lake welcome
the topic 'Self-Mastery'.

Massive Catholic International University welcome Godly Uni Students.

King's room was opened for special guests.

Third Eye welcome all

At first, appreciation will be for the NC to inform about the program. We have the inspiration to set our times and facilities to travel to Korat from Chiangmai. I had amazing time during murli times. Sister gave the most powerful atmosphere and also knowledge to improve our yoga. She has reflected the correction of our service that often we jump to service without yoga and virtues. I have seen the best example of “ tirelessness “ and “ faithfulness” I feel very fortunate to join even only a few hours.

Sr.Gopi attended the closing ceramony of Peace Conference on 23 Sept,'23 and met with the Director, International Buddhist Studies College(Ph.D in Peace Studies Program) - Ven. Prof. Dr.Phra Methe cwatjarabundit. He was very receptive and warm, inviting the BKs to give on lecture to the students in the future. He was also aware of the Peace University in Costa Rica. Sr.Gopi was able to share the BK connection with that as well. It was a very good and meaningful interaction.

This is the first visit to Thailand for Sister Gopi. After a long waiting for her availability to visit us, finally she could make it. Thank You Baba and Drama for sending her and making our wishes come true.

Though this was quite a short and busy trip for her, still she was powerful and energetic in spite of having a cold. She managed her stage very well in all situations. Sister Gopi practically showed us an example how to be a master of her body and not allow it to affect her mind. (click )

Awakening Seminar with Sr.Gopi Patel at Mahidol University International College
It all started with a thought and it’s beautiful, how every resource just magically got arranged and a team of passionate Mahidol individuals who wanted to benefit themselves and the society was created. Each one in the organizing team, benefited from an experience of a lifetime.

Students in the University were excited to be attending a workshop by Sr. Gopi Patel, and it was first time in the History of MUIC that we observed the International Day of Peace with such an awakening seminar with the Brahma Kumaris. Despite having 4 events at MUIC on the same time, we had a quality crowd of over 35 students.
Dean of Student Affairs MUIC, President of Brahma Kumaris Thailand, Sr. Gopi Patel

In the event Gopi Bhen’s divine presence instantly changed the atmosphere, from uncertainty to stability. As soon as she started speaking, there was an atmosphere of absorption. She carries such pure energy in her words and divine sweetness in her eyes that it touches the core of the heart and when I heard her speak I experienced a beautiful shift in my head and heart. Awakening Seminar with Sr.Gopi Patel at Mahidol University International College Students in the University were excited to be attending a workshop by Sr. Gopi Patel, and it was first time in the History of MUIC that we observed the International Day of Peace with such an awakening seminar with the Brahma Kumaris. Despite having 4 events at MUIC on the same time, we had a quality crowd of over 35 students. Dean of Student Affairs MUIC, President of Braham Kumaris Thailand, Sr. Gopi Patel She has a unique ability to simplify complex, essential, and uncommon principles, making them easy to comprehend and apply.

Sr. Gopi Patel introduced the interaction between the self, the divine, and life's events, and how to access the core self - The soul that is always okay. Then she took us on a reflective journey of seeing and emerging the virtues in the self. This was a very profound yet fun activity.
(click )

Dean of Student Affairs Mahidol University College appreciating Sr Gopi’s session

She left a long-lasting imprint of spiritual wisdom in many young minds in Thailand.


(To be continued)

Om Shanti

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