Special Activities

14 September, 2023 (5 pm.) at Riverside home, Bangpakong
Motor Home arrived at 5.30 pm. on time for group photo with working team in the new T-shirt before embarking on her tour for silence.

In the evening, we had Chit-Chat before bedtime. Baba is watching how we greet, meet with proper reet of using time together in a worthwhile way … to be fresh at Amrit vela.

15 September, 2023
In the evening, after having full rest, Sr.Gopi prefered to be at home by the river with some old mothers. The rest of the family went ahead to have outdoor picnic near by the lake as original plan.

16 September, 2023
Goodbye to river and pool in blue colour to cool us down. We sent Sr.Gopi & Sr.Disha into colourful town - to meet another family in Sukhumvit.

17 September 2013 Sukhumvit Famity
On 2nd September Sr.La spent time with core team to finalize the service plan. Two weekend of Sr.Gopi was dedicated to Pinthu and Sukhumvit family. Sunday 17th September was fixed to celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Indian family : old and new students with some Thai students. Congratulations for packed room and the hearts full of joy.

Sr.Shanta presented the gift on 17 Sept;23

Sr.La joined dinner on 18 Sept;23

19 September, 2023
After lecture, we departed Assumption University at 5 pm. to reach Om Sweet Home (for the first time) at 7 pm. Sr.Gopi & Sr.Disha were welcome by Thai garlands. After light dinner, we did packing for ‘Korat city’ next morning

20 September, 2023
From Nakhon Patom to Nakhon Ratchasima(Korat) to celebrate International Day of Peace (21 September, 2023), it took over 4 hours, on the road. We could not appreciate more of ‘Motor Home’ in providing rest in peace at least between you and me, on two beds, one bathroom and special snack/meals on the table

21-22 September, 2023 Facility for Spiritual Gathering
‘Centara Hotel’ in Korat city town was convenient for main instruments to go around different venues
Sr.La was asked to smile to Sr.Gopi's camera in the middle of hotel lobby

Accomodation at nearby resort for 20 souls was convenient to cook for 40 BKs family
... also for working team (Sr.Pui, Sr.Pum, Sr.Ning, Br.Petch...) to work with organiser a day before

‘Casa Blanca Cafe’ in Korat city town specially arranged for sharing divine knowledge(Murli) divine food (Breakfast) and divine love particularly through Baba’s powerful teaching by authorized teacher. Sr.Gopi was showering us with the nectar of knowledge from her sweet loving heart.

Sr.Noi came from Chiangmai with a group of 9 and other 4 local members. She translated Murli and classes

"I have nothing else to give apart from the Knowledge of the Supreme, I only share the practical experience of using this knowledge in my life. Baba daily inspires us to stay in remembrance, I ask myself, What sustains constant remembrance?

Nature still is sound, it can't heal you from your past and present actions. Only remembrance of bodiless Shiv Baba can take you away from the frequency of sound, take you beyond the body, in that detachment from the body, the soul heals and thereby the body as well.

22 September,2023 at Chiva Sanctuary, Khao Yai
In the afternoon, we were invited to re-visit 'Chiva Sanctuary' by Dr.Chiva and decided to organise Raja Yoga Course during 15-19 Jan,'24. So, 20 rooms was reserved at his Well-ness World Chiva. As famous architech, with real estate business, he established museum of late King Rama IX. and a Special corner for Thai Alternative treatment. New hall with 300 capacity will be used for Holistic Health. Sr.La, Sr.Gopi enjoyed tea time and his home made cheese.
He is so proud of biggest Shiva lingum made naturally from solid stone at the entrance

22 September,2023 at the 7 best ozone area in the world.
In August, we had a survey on different place/venues in Korat for the sake of Inner Peace/World Peace. The best ozone area was the aim for a good break after IDP celebration

How did we reach the place?… passing by the 'My ozone', British style castle through the tunnel. At last, we were offered the big wooden Lodge (free) by sweet contact souls. It's fully furnished next to the golf course with green opened space for our open heart Chit-Chat.

Master bedroom was reserved for Sr.Gopi/Sr.Disha

From the evening of 22 September, 2023 till moring of 23 September, 2023...
A small group of Brahmins had sweet family time with Sr. Gopi, where she shared stories from the yagya and our seniors. For a good break, Sr.La shared feeling how Sr.Gopi enjoy 'Eagle' spreading wings in U.S.A. and 'Horses riding' of 'Windsor' in U.K.

Here it goes... for stories.
Sr.La with Dadi Janki and Sr.Jayanti in the olden days enjoyed going down memory lane of Sr.Gopi.

  • "Dadi Janki at the age of 60 , starting from scratch in a country where no one knows her, requires a lot courage and faith on Baba. In the 40 years Dadi headed the Yagya, but also managed to reach her stage of completion. How did she do that? The more responsibilities she had, the lighter she was, how is that possible? She did not know the worldly things, but she understood the soul and Baba very well, that's is all! It's all about keeping the intellect free, not keeping the storage of the past or the present actions, just living as the soul and being with the Supreme Soul.

  • Dadi used to take out special time for special efforts 40 mins before amritvela, 40 mins before murli, 40 mins before lunch, 40 mins before evening yoga to sit with Baba and remove that distance between her and Baba. Imagine meeting more than 200 souls every day. After every meeting, Dadi used to take out a minute to become bodiless, thereby each one used to feel content and filled when meeting her.

  • Dadi always used to say that if somebody has a complain/irritation with you, this means they have not received what you could have given them from Baba, so instead of keeping the complaint in mind, keep Baba in you mind and with pure love let his energy flow through you, naturally the soul will then be content.

    I once asked a senior sister from Greece, who was instrumental in keeping Baba's family together, she said "I don't listen, I don't think, and all things smoothly fall into place"

    Next comes to understand and only focus on the part you have to play.

  • I remember an instance, when I was with Sr.Jayanti and we had an important session in the biggest theatre in UK. We were on the stage, the audience had started to come in, and the preparation was still incomplete. I observed Jayanti Didi, she was fully focused on the task she had to do which was to speak Baba's knowledge, no waste thoughts or any other expression on her face, she was purely in remembrance of Baba."

Sr.La with Sr.Gopi in modern day enjoyed chit chat with the family on site + online…
It concluded on a sweet note that everyone was intoxicated with love, joy and intense fire of being merged in the ocean of love.

Sister Prajwal’s personal benefit.
On the 23rd Morning we had our morning murli class and then another session where it got clear to me that only after giving my bones to Baba's service in hindi it's called "hadi seva" can I belong to him and can the body consciousness break. I also got see first hand, that no matter how the circumstances were when it was the matter of service, Sr. Gopi was always alert, active and available to offer herself.

I was fortunate to be with Sr.Gopi for more than a week, she empowered me every step of the way, be it in strengthening the relationship with the Self, with Baba and with Baba's Family.

25 September, 2023 at Dubua - Family recreation place
Dubua means 'Look at lotus' in Thai. Only 15 mins away from home... for us to look young at heart. Always good in meditative mood, to look at lotus with sense of detachment.

For night class, Sr.Gopi gave the best gift for self-transformation on the topic 'Stages of Yoga' This subject is the heart of Brahmin life... to conquer the heart of God... the Comforter of heart. Once we have God sit in our heart, we have everyone sit comfortably without feeling dislike, jealousy or anger... He is the Merciful One. Click

26 September, 2023 at The Rose Garden, Riverside Resort/Hotel
One day break we went to the Rose Garden (with Sr.Gopi, Disha, Neelu, Sheetal) to invoke Dadi Janki by visiting her hotel suite where she once stayed with Sr.Jayanti/Sr.Hansa and to see the possibility to serve in that area as Dadi wished

At their Patom Organic Cafe, 'Reflection from the window is their signature for showing Famous triangle Pagoda 'Patom Jedi'

"Plz accept your last gift from the Rose Garden ,Thailand. It is over 2 kilos and ready to send when we are on our way to the freedom land." Sr.La made sure every desires are fulfilled with sing along song of her signature.
Their famous organic skin products made from fragrance local roses, turned to be Sr.Gopi’s precious gift wrapped with her favorite colour

28 September, 2023 Goodbye Thailand
Last day at Om Sweet Home where we spent
the least time together with the family
in this busiest schudule
...before saying goodbye
at the airport in the afternoon

Om Shanti

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