Raksha Bandhan

14 September, 2023, Raksha Bandhan at Sinthu, Samutprakan
The day started with Murli, for Sr.Da to translate for onsite + online students.

Bhog offering to Satguru (Thursday)

As a routine, Sr.La revised the murli to enhance daily virtue ‘Love’. Today for Sr.Pui to elaborate at the end. Coincidentally, Baba supported the concept of ‘The Heart of a butterfly’ to invite people from all walks of life to step into the light of love to change

At 10.00am, everyone received special message for celebrating Protection and Unity (translated from UK family) with the Miracles of Good Wishes. We had good moments to write a promise and put in front of Brahma Baba’s photo, prior to applying tilak, (Sr.La) tying Rakhi (Sr.Gopi), getting blessing (Sr.Da)
We all seemed to be ready to walk down the path of light with the promise to surrender burdens / impurities to Baba

Sr.Da and Sr.La finished the ceremony of tying the Rakhi

At the end, we introduced our new concept of inviting people to register in our Line group ‘The heart of the butterfly’ under the theme ‘Silence is calling’. A new cloak was put on Sr.Gopi with a gift of blue flag. She blessed the ideas and registerd to join our online program, on monthly basis at every third Sunday. Four sisters got a gift of the heart with butterfly on, to inspire people to go through the process of change, transformation and metamorphosis
To create a beautiful world through silence we use many yukti to attract the butterfly * Blue Flag * Hand made poster * Gloden heart card

A batch of silence is a gift for true commitment

Thank you Sister Gopi for this humble beginning...to inspire others to learn the language of a pure heart ...Silence...

Plastic butterflies on the heart designed for 4 representatives to live the promise
Many blessings created from the old cards, meterials for the sake of a new world

This butterfly is also ready to be lit by the right hand with special golden Rakhi on the wrist

This group photo has part of the family joined on working day ‘Thursday’. We can only have all of them in ‘Oneness’, collected from different days at different places i.e. from Sukhummvit on Sunday 17 Sept’, 23 and from Korat on Thursday 21 Sept’, 23
Thank you Sinthu center to provide facilities for food and accommodation to serve BK family on this auspicious festival of brotherhood

Sr. Gopi is yogi and gyani soul. She is a practical example who gives us an inspiration and awakens our discipline with simple language from her own experience which is very entertaining and easy to understand.

For Rakshabandhan, her insight makes us realize that it’s really God’s love which gives us a recognition of our real self and promise to stay clean and pure under God’s Light within His Canopy of Protection. It is only then we can be light and go beyond everything.

Thank you Baba for bringing Sr. Gopi here to show us easy steps to be close to Him.(Sr.Da)

After celebrating Rakshabandhan at Sinthu center, we welcomed our new Motor Home from the factory with the help of co-operative sticker company to finish their work of putting the sticker on the Motor Home itself, together with some BKs cars to run the campaign ‘Silence is calling’. In meeting the deadline of inauguration the new project-today, the Insurance company also had their deal done for us to be on the road. By 3.45 pm, we said goodbye to Sinthu center and drove to Riverside house (over an hour away) before sunset for group photos at the Golf course in our residential area

Om Shanti

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