Service News from Thailand
  1. Avyakti Parivar
  2. The Story of Immortality
  3. Global Silence Retreat
  4. The Chiva Sanctuary Khao Yai
  5. Global Bhatti
  6. Magic Flute
  7. Q/A-Dr.Nirmala
  8. Special Activities

1. Avyakti Parivar
Thank you ‘A Family of Angels united in love for One’ to bridge each month, each topic for special effort constantly, smoothly … just for us to be ready to receive avyakt signal

From August-'Greatness of Purity' to September – 'Maryada PurShottam'

At the main centre, we highlighted some special effort of the students who truly went through their Episode and summarised in Thai. Some translated from English short version (from New York) as per last 10 days (22-30 Sept,22)
1 ต่าย 2 เหมียว 3 ภา
4 ศรี 5 นิ 6 เจเจ 7 แดง 8 ป้าแมว 9 อุดม 10 หญิง
11 นันท์ 12 ชิ้ง 13 ปุ้ม 14 ต่าย 15 ไก่ 16 ปุ๋ย 17 ธร
18 นิ 19 หล้า 20 แจ๊ค 21 ภา 22 23 24
25 26 27 28 29 30

Any how, pukka students did homework by adding Didi Mohini's practical experience (click on daily)

2. The story of Immortality
To return to Self –Sovereignty, we created ‘Talking book’ in Thai on ‘Shrimat’ co-inciding with the Avyakt signal in September – ‘Maryada PurShottam’

‘Hold the hand of Shrimat’ was translated from Original English book of ‘The Story of Immortality’ (page 94-98). ‘Episode 15 VDO from Avyakti Parivar was also a tool to enjoy English presentation.

3. Global Silence Retreat
Three days Retreat was really a ‘Treat’ for us all to tour around in silence.
  • Global Co-operation House - London
  • Global Retreat Centre – Oxford
  • Worthing Lighthouse - South London
  • Seminar house, Morigen, Germany
Thanks for tireless team of translation … to work in advance for anyone to just click on the local Link from their home/centre.

Sr.La presented orchid bouquet to Murli reader (Sr.Rajni) on Saturday at 5.30am local time (ICT) with AsianPacific family

Global Co-operation
House (GCH)- London

Global Retreat Centre
(GRC) - Oxford

Worthing Lighthouse
South London)

Seminar house,
Morigen, Germany

4. Chiva Sanctuary Khao Yai (9-11 Sept’,22)
Service started right from Special invitation to Sr.La from the owner

“This place will be sacred by your grace to step in and stay with us even for a short time”

To reach 'KaoYai' where is claimed to be top 7 best ozone in the world, we made a trip from ‘Nakon Pathom, Bangkok by VIP Van in over 3 hours. We celebrated auspicious ‘Rakshabandhan’ with different small group. Sr.Buokai (our guest from Laos) also arrived with a group of North East family from Udon Thani (6 hrs away)

Sr.Neelu shared her experience...
We two lucky souls (Neelu and Deepali) from sukhumvit Geeta Paathshala had this opportunity to take a seva trip with Sr. La and Thai brothers sisters, and it was like a journey taken by Being of Light to Being Light.

The feeling of powerful togetherness right after murli churning while making sushi, cutting cake pieces, packing, and then Being together in van was a perfect start to Feeling Light.

The Chiva Sanctuary welcomed us gracefully and our accommodation was set in less than an hour. Afternoon rest made us fresh for the welcome session in the evening of 9th Sept 2022.

Pleasent surprise and magic of drama is always around wherever Babas children are. The owners of the sanctuary are such a wonderful cultured and large hearted open minded family of father mother and their 4 year old son who is the wonder child true to his name.(Chiva-is the name of the father and child)

Sr La as always introduced Aatma and Baba in a light spirited way using perfect videos. Sr. La is creative genius and finds ways to reach the hearts of others through selection of perfect videos, activities, dance, drama, meditation, contemplation, sharing and engaging everyone in their qualities getting best from each one.

Following day Amritvela to Numa shyam encompassed all of these above in spell binding, soul fulfilling and uplifting ways.

Raksha Bandhan for the whole sanctuary staff and owners and bk brothers and sisters living afar who managed to come, was the highlight.

Bonds of pure love, The Supreme's introduction and the significance of The Raksha Bandhan through beautiful activity and silent tying of Rakhi giving toli with Baba's blessing card made the whole environment feel Ethereal.

Every worker, staff and owners were touched deeply.

The four year old Chiva was the most pleasent surprise, he is an old soul and is only continuing his higher journey through being born to great parents. He knows everything about Ganesha Vishnu Narayan, shiv taandav nritya dance and is so curious to know everything in depth. He held our hands walked us through the resort showing different Ganesha idols and huge shivling. We got the opportunity to talk the spiritual significance of the idols and secrets of time and knowledge. The owners family were so Receptive to listening sharing that it was overwhelming.

Brahma bhojan made with full shreemat served with love and simplicity yet power in food made all guests wonder about our Baba and his shreemat.

How to serve with a balance of knowledge light might enjoyment intensity projection contemplation and giving the experience of being of light to being light is what we learnt through our Khao Yai seva with Sr La and Thai family.

Raksha Bandhan in its true essence

Thanks to Baba Drama and Family (BK.Neelu)

5.Global Bhatti
In the name of Bhatti, both translators and listeners at different corners locally, globally enjoyed taking benefit. We also keep records to serve in the future as well.

Meditation Commentary by Meera Didi

Class by Meera Didi

6. Magic Flute
Daily Murli is the basis for us all to churn on for the sake of cultivating monthly virtue. Sr.La had virtue of ‘Creative’ from Murli of 29/09/22. to share in the practical life to serve lokik family re: Illness and study.

You are Godly students. You mustn’t miss studying for even a single day under any circumstance…If you study and educate yourselves, you will become lords. (SM. 29/9/22)

This study is valuable. Even when someone is ill and comes and sits here, at least he or she would be able to hear some elevated versions. If they shed their bodies while listening to the elevated versions, they would receive such relief! This is a big hospital. (SM. 29/9/22)

Her lokik mother (almost 100 Yrs old.) looked healthier and happier by absorbing the vibration of gyan/yoga during her short visit in Chiangmai. It was a living proof of how high/elevated energy of Truth made a greate impact out of B.K.routines... Her lokik family is learning to accept spiritual lifestyle with all the reasons, how Sr.La took care of her mom with attitude of gratitude in having lokik mom supporting Baba's work so sweetly from begining.

7. Q/A-Dr.Nirmala
11 Sepember,2022

25 Sepember,2022

8. Special Activities
Extra 'Rakhi'
Since secred thread of tying the wrist in Thai culture considered as auspicious ceremony done by lokik Brahmin priest and Buddhist monk, it is easy to tie lokik family with Baba’s golden thread with tilak, toil, blessing
  • At Lampang – lokik family of Sr.Eung - who turned to be centrewasi right after.
  • At Chiangmai - lokik family of Sr.La

Over 90 yrs old 'Chao Duangduan'
Over 85 yrs old 'Tikumporn'
Two aunties once was in Madhuban for 'Peace of Mind'

50 yrs old 'Klinthoop'

Sr.La's first cousin learned 'Raja Yoga' from childhood, now an Engineer to help building society.
Over 80 yrs old 'Srirayap'- first Raja Yoga student of Thailand. (Before opening Raja Yoga centre in Chiangmai.)

Meeting Sr.Noi. & Family in Chiangmai
They came to visit and shared Brahma Bhojan with Sr.La beside sharing the ideas of doing service in Chiangmai. (particularly with 3 Indian bodied youths Br.Siddhant, Sr.Prajwa, Sr.Pavitri)

Meeting Didi Asha in Bangkok
at Sukhumvit with Sr.La(28Sept)
at Sinthu with Sr.Da+Br.Suchart(29Sept)

Om Shanti

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