Service News from Thailand
  1. Avyakti Parivar(AP)
  2. Diwali, by the river
  3. DF Madhuban Class
  4. Global Bhatti
  5. Q/A-Dr.Nirmala
  6. Golden Drops
1.Avyakti Parivar(AP)
A Family of Angels (united in 'Love for Onel) is still watching over Thailand for the sake of receiving Avyakt Signal during October on 'Merciful & Bestower', bridging November on 'Transforming old sanskars / nature. At the main centre, some students did their homework to summarise in Thai... what they learned from Didi Mohini's words of wisdom daily (as shown in AP calendar) The rest still carry on at least to imbibe monthly virture based on Murli and Avyakt Signal
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2. Diwali, by the river (15 Oct,22)
An Enchanting Diwali
The Enchanting Diwali full of inner joy, inner contentment, peacock dance and introspection, such was our experience with our dearest Sr La and Thai family at the bangkapong River side villa.
We were 13 souls from sukhumvit family and as we reached we were greeted with beautiful red Tilak bindi to remind that we are the radiant souls.
The grand table was laid out and beautiful candle decoration spread. We started with picking our murli point and churning sharing in our small group and then with everyone.
That was followed by some beautiful peacock dances and our group dance together, brothers sisters all in the garden, river flowing, winds whistling and Baba's children feeling like satyug family time together.
Amazing Brahma Bhojan snacks and dinner in silence with Baba was another highlight.
We wrapped up our get together with beautiful candle lighting with the Lotus candle stand, sharing silently through vritti and drishti uplifting self each soul's vibrations.
A guided Numa shyam yog with Baba was soul fulfilling.
We left in silence after toli blessing and family photo. Fulfilled empowered is how we always feel when we are together.
Thanks to Sr La and amazing Thai family, each Thai soul is a king soul, disciplined, light, love full, cooperative, accommodating and walking sincerely on shreemat
Thank you Baba for all the enchanting Sangam yug moments
(BK Neelu)

‘Diwali’ in Thailand (15 October, 22)

Welcome on arrival (3 pm.) Applied the tilak by Sr.Wallapa (Host)
At the entrance, Murli points on ‘Self-sovereignty’ welcome different groups to share before entering the Kingdom of Light

Blue decoration for ‘Blue Blood’ line to be prepared for Coronation day.
    Refreshment :
  1. Stuffed Tomato
  2. Avocado Dip
  3. Japanese Sushi
  4. Grape/Star Fruit
  5. Tamarind Drink

Indoor, we dance, sing in remembrance of Living Light

Outdoor, we also sing and dance across the culture, on the big lawn(space) of the hearts.
  1. Indian Classical dance
  2. Thai/Peacock dance
  3. English dancing Queens and Kings

Lotus candle for seniors (over 10 Years in gyan) to ignite the lights of others.

Farewell at 8 pm. after receiving 'light' blessing. Thanks you for four images of the heart (in VDO clip) in creating the atmosphere of coronation day consecutively to inspire more and more images from elevated thoughts in the future events.

3.DF Madhuban Class

For DF season, translators from different centres have to work tirelessly particular 'Sr.Da' from Sinthu

So all Thai bodied souls can take maximum benefit either from 'live online' or recorded system.
10 Oct,22
Welcome Program
12 Oct,22
Avyakt BapDada 12-10-2022
13 Oct,22
Revision of Avyakt murli
โดย Sr.Jayanti
15 Oct,22
Experimenting with Mansa seva
and Sakaash in 3 Steps
โดย Sr.Meera
16 Oct,22
Creating the Golden Aged Stage
18 Oct,22
Togetherness - Taking Inspirations from the Seniors
Sudesh Didi
20 Oct,22
Changing mindset, shaping the future
โดย Sr.Jayanti Br.Golo และ Raju bhai
29 Oct,22
Welcome Program
30 Oct,22
Sanskar Dance of Togetherness
โดย Dr.Nirmala
31 Oct,22
Creating Our Golden Age Stage
โดย Br.Charlie
4.Global Bhatti

For Global Bhatti we also paid full attention on translation locally.



5.Q/A Dr.Nirmala
2 Oct,22
9 Oct,22
23 Oct,22

Thank you for being able to repeat the feelings from the heart for Didi on her Brithday celebration on 2 Oct,22
You are not just eternal but universal. You are an angel eternally existed in the past, present and future with us all. As double doctor...
  • You give donation of life with accurate dose of 'Manmanabhav' to the patients of all ages
  • Your prescription with detachment set us free from dependency
  • You are making as all happy, healthy very dear double doctor Nirmala
  • On behalf of BapDada ,as the most Beloved One, you tied us all with sacred thread to confirm 'A Love That Unites'
6. Golden Drops

Be inspired by each step to take part (in Thai)
This calendar is for keeping oneself updated with VDO clip daily with the waves of zeal & enthusiasm to express our love for Humanity.

We keep abreast of the progress... to see each drop of Golden world being contributed from each group of activities that we arranged... Thank you Global Golden Drops team for keeping us informed

Dear active Golden Drops translators and creators!
Om Shanti,

How are all of you? We still see so beautifully how you are continuing to create the Golden Drops videos in your own languages and on your own channels. Especial your countries, the flow of Golden Drops is like a soft, sweet, refreshing rain of drops of beauty. Wonderful!!!!!

We would like to inform you about the Golden Drops plan for the coming months. the coming months October/November/December the Golden Drops vi June/July and August will be repeated. Only the 1st of October, tomorrow (!) still has a new video, but after that we will repeat the videos. Lots of souls and countries are just stepping into the Golden Drops the last few weeks and haven't seen those videos yet. And also the videos are so worthwhile to see again.

So, that is the plan for the coming months. Do you like this idea also? be you will follow in the same flow of repetition, if you like. Feel free to do it in your own way ofcourse!

Much love and golden greetings,Golden Drops team

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