10 May 2022
Dear Didiji , Family
Greetings of love. Please be informed about the service news in May’,22.

On the first page of the news was full list in Thai news for different topics to click on details. But here, only some topic was shared in English briefly with photos. Short video clip is also an expression of sincere effort to serve. Video of the main programs attended by all with Thai translation was attached for your information.

In Baba's sweet yaad

Raja yoga invoke the of power Self-Mastery.
Balance of masculine and feminine principle.
You are cordially invited to celebrate birthday anniversary of Raja yoga in Thailand

Thursday 5 May, 2022 at Om Sweet Home, Nakhonpathom
4.00 a.m. Amarit Vela-Blessing for Self-Respect
6.30 a.m. Yoga-Connecting with “Almighty Authority”
7.00 a.m. Murli-Listening to Magic flute
10.00-11.00 a.m. Celebration-Flag Hoisting/Cake Cutting
6.30-7.30 p.m. Yoga-Giving sakash to the world
7.30-9.30 p.m. Essence-Leading by Silence, Simplicity and Surrender

Friday-Sunday 6-8 May, 2022 at River Villa, Bang Pakong
    Special Training
  • Simple and Royal Living, In/Out, Day/Night according to the Highest Code of Conduct.
  • Self-Management and Family Sustenance, for 3 certificates of Contentment: self, family and God

Rajayoga Birthday
Celebration held at Om sweet home (5 May) and RiverVilla (6 - 8 May). We could really feel that BapDada gave congratulations of love to the children who experience a new life, a new attitude new vision and a new world with the new knowledge. Majority of students expressed the attitude of gratitude in writing for Thai news. Hope all these photos can say something about Baba’s blessing: May you remain light with your pure thoughts and elevated company and dance in happiness and all alokik angel.

Sr.La talked about the company of Truth and falsehood prior to having five minutes for everyone to answer these questions in silence “What company should we look for to secure our right to happiness?” At the end of our Family Retreat (8 May), we shared this points of murli practically: “The basis of sustenance in Brahmin life is congratulations.” Attached is Congratulations from Br.Kailash and Sr.Sheetal (Centre Co-ordinator team) and Sr.Neelu’s experience with photos for you to enjoy our new scenes

Om Shanti Sr. La
Greetings of Peace, Love and Happiness.
Today is a special day, Anniversary of Thailand’s first and main center. On behalf of Sukhumvit BK Family, we express our heartiest Congratulations and best wishes to you and whole BK family at Nakhon Pathom center.
Our sincere thanks to you for sustenance and guidance given by you to all of us from time to time in our Brahmin life. Wish you Good Health and Happiness.
Look forward to meet you this Saturday, 7th May.
BK Kailash

Congratulations on Thailand's Rajyoga Birthday...we are blessed to be a part of this beautiful divine family💫🤴

We had big set of bhog to offer.

Time for Breakfast together in Solitude

Self Mastery cards was accurate
for Star Family's Game of life

Time for celebration(10am) with star on the forehead
Hoisting the flag

'Butterfly' was flying on clear curtain to reach the same destination

Live song for Transformation


Special titles were on everyone as a gift

All images became a great gift from the hearts


'Diamond' neck lace
'Golden Angel' from Dadi Janki

Cake cutting/sharing

Seven colour dishes macthed with seven guests' favorite colours at lunch
Br.Nitat had
'Jasmin' tree
planted for
family to enjoy
sweet fragrance.
at Om Sweet Home

Spiritual Family Sustance (6-8 May 22)

Welcome to River Villa

Om Shanti
Greetings of Joy and Pure Bliss.

5th May has a special significance for the Thailand Family. It's the anniversary of the first Rajyog Center headed by our national coordinator dear sister La. We at Sukhumvit family have had years of warm uplifting memories. However after almost 2 to 3 years of gap due to Covid, this year we had the opportunity to meet, greet and have our treat with Sister La and our powerful Thai family.

Sangam is a journey, there are test papers at each step and although we Baba's children pass them, the role of Baba's family is pivotal in making it bearable and in boosting the confidence of every soul to rise above all karmic exam papers. This day 6th May 2022 was one such day, full of wholesome soulful upliftment and joy beyond measure.

We reached early morning in this beautiful riverside bungalow of our dearest sister Walapha, we were greeted with warm welcome by sister La & thai family, we got our swaman, and a zesty fragrance to remind us we are the zesty spirited fresh soul. Ruhani Games, Activities like garden yoga, Churning, deep sharing, rain dance, rain singing, breakfast by the riverside garden, Lunch, Tea, Dinner, Pool activities, afternoon Rest and above all Baba's powerful presence are beyond what words can ever express. We returned fulfilled, content, empowered and ready for another jump in our ruhani journey to be complete.

Our Thai family headed by dear sister La, have always been Baba's boon for each and all, we are thankful and proud to be family.

Om Shanti
Sister Neelu Bangkok

In door Activities

Outdoor Activities

We said goodbye with toli/sweet drishti. We said 'thanks' to Sr.Wallapa + her family for beautiful views/venue.

Murli Experiment/Golden Sundays

Murli experiments

Celestial eyes
Br Charlie

Tapestry of Resonance
Sr Mohini

Royal Governance
Sr Waddy

Crown of Consciousness Continues
Br Yogesh

Emerging the Future
Sr Gayatri

School for Angels

This special month, we made extra effort using many dolls of angels hidden in the box (when we moved the centre 2 yrs ago) to start School of angel. The last 14 days of the month (18-31 May), 14 students who were fixed to share subtle signal together with the qualification of 14 different angels.

I shared the story of Dadi Janki Who was sent to the wertern world to help spread the universal message of peace, love and self-transformation.

The Brahma Kumaris has been described as 'a school for angels'. Part of its mission is to bring together and train a group of powerful souls who, through their dharna and loving vibrations, are able to reveal the true nature of God and inspire every soul to realise its true potential.

One evening class on Thursday, we spent time in answering...
What is an angel?
Universal, Very loving but detached, A guide, A healer, A bridge between Time and Eternity, Humanity and God...

How will an angel help you then?
... put a thought in your mind: Remember who you are, your value and original dignity...

(quoted from Br.Anthony)
Since Sr.La had 'strength' as her virtue of
the month(May), she elaborated on how
Angel relates to Shakti in a prectical form.
How about the angel in you?
...An angel serves, don't have to take anything because they are complete.
When we become camplete, the angel inside can emerge.

Golden Drops

We were attentively participated this workshop to be able to learn how to serve humanity as requested by the team to be very neutral.







Image in my heart

Thai Talking book(10 mins) on 'Detachment' result of self-realisation from Raja Yoga. Steps
  1. Listen (no music/image)
  2. See image/listen
  3. Try to open 3rd eye and 3rd ear

Three guests from Pinthu Centre shared their image. We had VDO clip made for 2 images

Lotus from Br.Nitat

Diamond from Sr.Chittinun

Dadi Janki's Diamond like life was also represented Spiritual Hero (Heero)

Q/A - Dr.Nirmala

We has two session from Dadi On-line programs.
8 May
Mine Is ONE SHIV BABA & None Other
29 May
Maintaining Self-respect during the current times

Global Bhatti- for all to be attended as usual


Om Shanti

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