Brief Services News from Thailand
March, 2022

Dear Didiji Greetings of love. Please find attached is Service News from Om sweet Home, Thailand. It is shorten from Original Thai news.
  1. Avyakt Signal
    31 Avyakt Signal on 'Detachment' had 31 students to contemplate on and shared with the class, more in silence during Amrit Vela and Evening yoga. But after Murli we had deeper churning together for each one personal progress.

  2. Ascension Day
    • Dadi Gulzar (11 Mar,22) We joined the inauguation of Avyakt Lok via LIVE Transmission

    • Dadi Janki (27 Mar'22) On sunday, we also joined LIVE Transmission of Sr.Hansa's expereince. More LIVE and old film on 'Touching Your Heart' was organised on line

      During the month of March, some of us made more effort to concentrate on Dadi Janki's words of wisdom to enhance personal dharna. Sr.La especially expressed her personal story of being sustained by Dadi's vibration in her childhood(in Thai). Some time we shared Dadi's classes to create enough space around Dadi's words to go beyond her words into the vibration and intention that surround them

    We experienced it is as if God Himself plucks just those chords in us that resonate with whatever she is relating.

    My hope Is that we can enjoy something of this feeling as we explore our personal values or virtues of this month of March. I feel, in inviting the right brain to participate in the process of understanding through the heart what Dadi was sharing from her heart all the time.

    As well as being a source of inspiration, Dadi was a master at removing mental and emotional obstacles to self-fulfillment. Her life became Legacy for me to learn to be more resourceful eternally, particularly, my virtue of "being resourceful" in March is serving to strengthen my own effort in a new aspects.

    Finally, I would like to express my gratitude both to God and Dadi Janki, for the wonderful opportunity of working on this share her words of wisdom at the end of the Murli class and to inspire some students to put in their own words what they have learnt to reinforce the inculcation."

  3. BK Family Retreat (HuaHin) Holi Celebration
    ATK test made sure
    that all were free
    from Covid before/after

    We had list of 25 souls to organize the whole trip with personal belongings & emergency food. For the purpose of training to be ever-ready without any facilities for cooking or even refrigerator. In particular, over 10 oldies/pukka BKs. stayed at the main beach house with Sr.La had to accomodate everyone, for classes/ activities / one Bar-B-Q dinner... All had their own beddings and cleaning tools to keep 2 maids away so we can managed everything ourselves.

    Holi - celebration
    Started from the first day ... by auto sprinkle on the lawn, we had fun running around to avoid getting wet out of Thai Holi called 'Songkarn Festival': throwing / pouring water to each others. Till next day we focused on colouring each others. Eight groups of colours teamed up for their own designed activities for family throughout the whole Retreat. 2 sisters got their birthday cake written 'Sneha' on top to cut at Chocolate Factory (in front of the house) We enjoyed "Sneh Milan" to share the blessing, gifts, games etc.

    Some students was so ready to relate different kinds of 'owl' around the house with spiritual wisdom. The owners of the house will be served accordingly. Photograph of an owl hidding in the old tree there, invited 2 owl friends from the book to remind us ... without knowing 'who I am', life will be full of questions and everything will be so strange!

    We made quick Clip to say hello to Didi Nirmala and for Holi celebration.

    There were a lot more experiences shared in Thai ... from their hearts how much Godly family sustenance meant to them to have Fun & Full with Fond memory

  4. Special Activities
    • Sr.Karen
      On Saturday 12 March, at her place, Sr.Karen invited guests and her group of 5 doctorate degree students to share their vision on different fields of study…

      Sr.La shared about Spiritual Education to lead us back to our holistic existence as human beings.

      Which could be described as:
      • learning from others
      • growing through others
      • integrating with others
      • contributing to others.
      When we are genuinely learning, only then can we experience spiritual growth. Then we integrate with others so that there is a natural and mutual contribution to the nature and being of each other. These four processes of education are constantly at work, but only happen in a way that is enjoyable and meaningful when the spiritual resources of the self are activated and creatively used.
      In order to initiate this process first and formost we need faith in the self: 'who I am?' having five original qualities of the soul peace, love, purity, knowledge and happiness – We can only return to them and translate them in our practical life when we accept ‘Purity’ as the heart of Raja Yoga. This is Life Long Learning “to be wise…is to be pure”

      Afterward, lunch became a feast out of special treatment from Sukhumvit family who carried their food from home. Sr.La was asked to give Drishti first.

    • Sr.Rai (81 years old)
      Didi sent deep & sincere condolences to Sr.Noi and her family in Chiangmai after being informed by Sr.La that Sr.Rai (81 years old) left her body on wednesday.

      We offered bhog on Thursday and had evening yoga together online, On Sunday, 27th March, we had 1 hour yoga Bhatti (12:00 noon to 1 p.m.) during cremation. For 25 main instruments in Line groups of all centers, I mentioned about Dadi Janki’s effort “when I leave, I want to make sure that out of everyone's hearts, there is only good wishes for me…DUWA”. Now I'm adding my feeling about the best service we can do together : to maintain the constant awareness that I must not separate myself from the gathering because the power of unified thoughts in a collective way will only bring benefit to all (dead or alive) Hope sister Rai will take another body in close relationships within the gathering to carry on her Godly serviceable life.

  5. Global Yoga Bhatti
    Besides informing and inviting all other centres to participate, Om Sweet Home always have at least over 30 regular students attended on Global programme with full translation in advance by Sr.Prapa - Sr.Da

  6. VDO
    On line VDO programmes for regular sustainance of Dr.Nirmala as well as Madhuban's transmission for BapDada's meeting were well attended. Special old VDO sent from Sr.Moira - Argentina also served the purpose of giving vision of the "Gloden Age" kingdom.
    6 March
    20 March
    13 March
    28 March
    from Sr.Moira

In Baba's sweet yaad

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