Service News (July 2022)

  1. Avyakt Signal
  2. Magic Flute
  3. Golden Drops
  4. Q/A-Dr.Nirmala
  5. Special Activities
  6. Global Bhatti

Avyakt Signal
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    To develop virtues of the month of July in 31 days for each one, Avyakt Signal has been added to the point of Murli daily.
  • La - Free
  • Tai - Beauty
  • Prapa - Adventure
  • Sri - Responsibility
  • Wallapa - Forgiveness
  • etc.
Avyakti Parivar
Avyakti Palivar from New York started to serve the purpose of getting more ready to receive the Avyakt signal daily from Madhuban

Each day, each student spent extra time in churning on particular topic shared by Didi Mohini in Avyakti Palivar

Sr.La was drawn to the topic of ‘Karankaravanhar’ of July immediately. Personal intoxication in the field of service in Thailand from the beginning was her permanent Sanskar of getting Godly lottery as the first personal blessing from God. “How fortunate we are! being used by God as His instrument for His unlimited task”

Email from Sr.La to Didi Mohini was replied with beautiful blessing to reset the ‘translation’ system for all to take full benefit. Hence, the memorial Day of Didi ManMohini on 28th July was focused on her perfect slogan ‘One Strength One support’

Dear respected Didi Mohini,
Greeting of love from Thailand. Since Br.Anil(Indian centre co-ordinator) will be visiting U.S.A with small token of love in August. Let me send you by email first the gift prepared by hand. Three garlands of special roses with titles of self-respect. Just to say thank you for Avyakti Parivar(AP) on the topic ‘Karankaravanhar’ in July. To match with each day’s Avyakt signal from Madhuban, it becomes a source of inspiration for each students to get the essence from your over 60 mins daily(AP) VDO to share in the night classes. (Thai translation by Sr.Jyoti is only for some short topic). Each student from the main centre has to learn English with the power of vibration around each words of wisdom. They are enjoying this spiritual endeavour from Q/A session fully translated by me at the end as well.
Till we meet you in Madhuban, Maharaja…Mohini Didi.
In Baba’s sweet yaad

Magic Flute

Churning + Sharing on each day Murli for each one to enhance their dhana is on - going process.
31 july, Sr.La was invited by Malaysian Family to give combined Avyakt Murli class

"Dear sis la om shanti and greetings from malaysia.
Malaysia family would like to invite you to read murli nationwide on the last sunday of july.......
We start meditation at 6.30 7.00 to 8.00 am murli and short class till 8.30 am

Hope you can accept our humble invitation and share your wisdom...
Pl let me know asap as we are preparing july calender
Also pl send your latest photo with short boidata...
We are awating for your positive reply...
Lots of love...meera"
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Sr.La focused on CHART literally by each letter from the Murli and shared her experience on service at the end.
C = Contentment
Since we have to bring about the newness in the year of Tapasya (31/12/91) , then, we have to check the speciality of the three types of contentment .
  1. Be a detached observer and check your own self. Are you yourself content with your own chart with a true mind and a true heart?
  2. Was my chart accurately according to that method in my thoughts, words, deeds and relationship? This means that Father should also be content.
  3. The Brahmin family content with my elevated yoga life or not?
H = Humility
Be an instrument with humility and remain light by handing over all your responsibility to the Father.
No burden- no heaviness
A = Accurate
Accurate chart means that you experience
  • Progress in every subjects
  • Transformation
Topic of the Murli
An accurate chart means progress and transformation
Accurate remembrance : Such powerful remembrance, if done in the right way, is called accurate remembrance
Powerful remembrance gives you a double experience at the same time
On the one hand,On the other hand,
Remembrance becomes a fire , Remembrance gives you
does the work of burning something the experience of happiness
transforming something. and lightness
Accurate tapasya
Those who have followed this discipline and have accurately kept their charts are worthy of receiving congratulations from BapDada and the Brahmin family.
The sign of accurate tapasya is that you, yourself, and others too will experience
• The speciality of newness in your actions, relationships and sanskars

R = Remembrance

T = Transformation
Obedience gives birth to transformation!. If you are obedient and follow the directions of keeping a chart in the right way, then such obedient ones receive marks.
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Golden Drops

To engage the hearts and minds of all the souls of the world to consciously create a beautiful world, Baba's ways and means are unique, so we'll see how Baba will keep creating and sustaining this golden glow. We translated English Letter of Golden Drops team to update Thai family. Each day we have been translating and rolling out 'new drops of gold' through different Line Groups after morning class.

We are also trying to Create and Contribute Golden Drops as per suggested
  • Create a Golden Drop by taking a photo, poem, video, drawing, words, song, music of something beautiful and sharing it on Facebook and Instagram (remember please use universal language for public - free from BK words) with #thegoldendropsinitiative.
  • Make a 30 second video by asking friends to share What do you love MOST about humanity? OR What Golden Drop would you add to create a beautiful world?
The following steps is worth keeping record for special presentation
1) We had powerpoint to introduce “Golden Drops“ in Thai to remind us of what we have to do globally at this time.

We also added words of thanks to 'Golden Drops' Initiative for giving us the opportunity to work cooperatively to create a new world which we are all longing for.

This initiative was launched on June 2022 and continue until June 2023 with the aim to tap into original beauty of self and the beauty of humanity.
2) We had the 'Promotion Video' of Golden Drops to invite peple to step into their inner world.

3) We had people to answer in Silence...on special designed paper with 'Butterfly' - an image of change.
“What I love most about humanity?”

4) We had Sr.La, from Thailand participated officially through VDO in June 30th, '22.

to be reminded ... say only what they want to hear.
5) We had many ideas to share in Thai and also bi-lingual i.e.
Beauty of humanity is harmony of color shape taste fragrance and sound. Art is creating from silence, appreciation of surrounding together with generous heart to share. This makes our life full of joy and worthy (Sr.Eh in july)

6) We had the whole month of June and July to follow up (just click) from 'Youtube'. Longer explanation is designed to present 'Wisdom behind' (See date with *)
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7) We had special outdoor activities, (17 July) for 'Golden drops' as part of ‘Healthcare program’ with Br.Anil (16-18 July,22). We enjoyed open space sharing values in life for a beautiful world. Each of us (12 members) worked on Applications and Affirmation. Sr.Wallapa (85 years old student) had ‘Forgiveness’ to share as self-healing before admitting the hospital next day for heart issue.

Q-A (Dr.Nirmala)

3 July Emerging the Golden Age by Dr.Nirmala, Br.Charlie and Sr.Rajini

10 July My Baba My world by Dr.Nirmala

17 July Clear Recognition Realization
& Renunciation by Dr.Nirmala
Pattani Family had done 'workshop'
from this topic..
24 July Seeing through Confluence-Aged Eyes by Dr.Nirmala


Special Activities

10 July
Sr.Sheetal shared...

My experience in seeing the soul getting ready...
Savitri embodiment of selfless love and care not just for Baba and her Alokik family but for everyone she knew.
A well known personality in the Hindu community, she beautifully balanced her lokik duties along with her Alokik maryadas.
Always enthusiastic for any sewa given to her even though she was the senior most member of our Bk family.
Her love for Baba and with her generous heart she has decorated every corner of our center.

When I look back, I recollect and consider it my fortune that I was able to see the difference in her getting prepared to move ahead.
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14-15 July
Sr.Lalita from Kobe Japan visited Om Sweet Home with Sr.Sheetal. We had time for Outing, Candle light dinner, Sharing experience with night class online

Special Toli
and angel's
blessing from
Japanese family

16-18 July
After first 'General' Health Care Retreat in April, Br.Anil came back to Thailand and spent quality time in opening clinic for BK's individual case. We could not thanks Baba enough for taking care of our well being in details with the help BK expert in preventive care.

27-28 July - 'Snele Milan' at Sukhumvit
Sr.Sheetal's new house (next door to the centre) welcomed four of us for dinner with over 10 BKs. Sr.Deena joined and tied the Rakhi with Sr.La.
Sunday 28 July, Sr.La shared her point of Murli related to Didi Manmohini on her memorial day. with 30 students
Br.Anil took leave for a trip to USA.

Afternoon, Sr.La went to tie Rakhi to her friend couple, 'Lily+Rod Vergara'

In July, Br.Frank/Sr.Mona sent old VDO made in Bali since 2019 during Sr.La's visit.

Global Bhatti (23 July)

3 Steps to Bliss by Sister Maureen

Thanks Sr.Aui for artistic ability to create Thai blessings from original text.

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