Service News in English (Oct-Dec,21)
from Sr.La, Thailand

Dear Didiji Greetings of love. Please be informed about some Service done in Thailand from ‘Om sweet Home’ during November and December’21. In sequence of each part in English

1) Video recorded from Murli class(Live) by Sr.La for The family in Europe and Latin American
Europe - Geneva - Oct, 21
Latin America - Argentina - Nov, 21

2) Birthday celebration (17 Nov) for 1 year old ‘Om sweet Home’ and 70 years old Sr.La. It was a long weekend of ‘Peacemaker’. A few of us got together for one Candlelight night.

3) We all enjoyed virtual Retreat Healing powers (19 to 20 Nov). in America, both in N.Y. and S.F.
19 Nov.
20 Nov. Bhatti at Peace Village
20 Nov. Bhatti at Anubhuti Retreat Centre

4) ‘Only One’ bhatti finished in one month in the evening of 7 Dec. by getting one VDO clip from all centers shown with seven main instruments’ Drishti.

5) X’mas celebration with over 25 members in our tradition Red & White dress on the theme ‘Peace Love and Joy’ at each corner to serve food for the mind and for the body. Three real gifts given to 3 souls who shared spiritual significance, related to Christmas with a special song: Angels/God messenger, Tree/Kalpa tree, Peacock/Pure family reunion.





6) 26th December, Br.Anil stayed overnight to share his view on 'culture' as co-ordinator in Thailand for Indian community. Next day we took him around in our neighbour for future service’s venue

we all got a gift of 'Silence'

7) Video’s production on ‘Immortal Life’ by Sr.Wallapa and ‘Holy Swan’, as one of the image for Golden Age shared by Sr.Dang (to be continued for all image/vision of each student)

In Baba's sweet yaad

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