Dear Didiji Greetings of love. Please find attached is Service News from Om sweet Home, Thailand. It is shorten from Original Thai news.
  1. Avyakt Signal
    Febuary’22 had ‘Holy Swan’ in our heart and our head to concentrate on Purity + Cleanliness. As usual, 31 students had one day each to share 31 points of Avyakt signal from Amrit vela till evening yoga to reinforce their monthly dhana. At least, we can relate Goddess Saraswati and spiritual white swan with Divine Song(Gita) practically. This Clip is also a part of the image of the heart.
  2. Magic Flute
    On their specific day, some students shared Murli Point with churning for personal inculcation.
    Sr.La was the first one to churn on the first day ‘The biggest personality of all in the world cycle is this Brahma. The Father enters him and you have to follow him while being egoless in serving(SM 1/2/22)’ Click to listen

    After geting back to listen to Thai news, this is only the essence in English.. of how Egoless relate to Sr.La's true ‘Self-Confident’
  3. Image in the heart for a better world (to be continued)
    Prior to sharing 'Butterfly’ as an image from the heart of Sr.La to invoke the heart of the butterfly in others later, the original clip from 'Dream to Divinity’ is expressed for general concept. It was based on personal experience in going through the process of change, transformation and Metamorphosis. From lokik childhood to alokik childhood (Practicing Ballet dance, Hearing lokik Mom’s favorite song. ‘You are my special angel’… )
    till the time comes for ‘Perfect Encounter’ with avyakt angel ‘Brahma Baba’ in 1983.
  4. Global Vision There are some more spiritual significance shared by BK students from different professions, Hope to get clearer picture of 16 sections in society, contributed by all.
    i.e. Economy (Br.Piak – Uni Professor)
    Health (Sr.Meaw - Nurse)
  5. Special Activities

    There was always an occasion to enjoy the Murli point in an special activities
    1. Giving ‘Diamond’ as a gift to the one who like the image of Diamond
    2. Having fun with ‘Swan’ together after breakfast
  6. Online Class by Dr.Nirmala (in Thai)
    Out of 3 sessions on 20 Feb., Sr.La moderated the session on 'Creating a powerful constant & stable stage'. Thanks for all good feedback on Jolly conversation with Didi
  7. VDO in ThaiThis is what we translated into Thai to keep in our record on behalf of Brahma Kumaris for anyone.. any centre to explore our living library.
In Baba's sweet yaad

Om Shanti (10 May,'22)

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