Service News (Nov-Dec,22)Thailand

  1. Avyakti Signal
  2. Global Bhatti
  3. Magic Flute
  4. DF Madhuban Class
  5. Q+A Dr. Nirmala
  6. Golden Drops
  7. Special Activities
  8. Image of the heart
  9. Kismis Day
1.Avyakt Signal
November seems to be our peak month of self-service by paying full attention on Avyakt signals with the help of Avyakti Parivar daily. 30 days was fixed for each student to be ‘Angel of the day’ for Amrit Vela till evening Yoga. Thank you ‘A family of angels United in love for one’. In December, we had Honesty and Cleanliness as our mirror to check our progress from within.

Avyakt Signals – November 2022
Now transform the old nature and old sanskars.

1 Nov.22 This life of all of you Brahmins is one of dying alive. To die alive means to be dead to your body, your friends and relatives and the old world. When someone dies, his previous sanskars are finished. So, here too, you should feel that your previous old sanskars belonged to someone else, not to you. Just asBrahmins don’t touch dirty things, in the same way, you have to save yourself from the old sanskars and not touch them.

Avyakt Signals – December 2022
Imbibe honesty and cleanliness and please the true Lord.

1 Dec.22 In order to please the true Lord, especially pay attention to having an honest heart. If you have anything in your heart, place it in front of BapDada with a true heart and with realisation. If you realise it in front of BapDada, your heart will become empty and the rubbish will be finished. If your heart is not empty, where will the Comforter of Hearts sit?

2. Global Bhatti
We took full benifit for Sr.Gayatri and Didi Sudesh to share their wisdom in November and December respectively. Translation team supported well (organized by Sr.Prapa) for all contents. Each topic/period of time was a message in itself to have a roster for each student to read out online from 3:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Supreme Dharma of Non-Violence,sr.Gayatri

Inner Joy, Didi Sudesh

3. Magic Flute
Sr.La always enjoy churning/sharing murli’s points of the first day of the month to enhance her own monthly virtues as well as all virtues of each students, each day differently. ‘Free’ (Nov) and ‘Creative’ (Dec) was recorded in voice file

Don’t allow your intellect to hang on to bodily beings. Remember the one bodiless Father and also remind others of the Father.
…and give the donation of life (SM. 1/11/22)

4. DF Madhuban Class
It always a good effort for translation, cooperated from different instruments, (organized by Sr.Prapa) for everyone to get the maximum benefit in Thai.
1 Nov.22
Togethemess following the footsteps of Dadi
2 Nov.22
Recognizing our fortune together
Brij Mohan Bhaiji
3 Nov.22
Avyakt BapDada 3-11-2022
4 Nov.22
Revision of Avyakt Murli
5 Nov.22
Remembrance in 8 ways to be lost in love
14 Nov.22
The business of easy-ness,
Br.Mohit & Br.Nizar Jumma,
MC – Sr. Meredith
16 Nov.22
Baba is my sanskar, Baba in my sanskar
Sudesh Didi
17 Nov.22
Avyakt BapDada 17-11-2022
Revision of Avyakt Murli
The fragrance of complete purity
1 Dec.22
Avyakt BapDada 01-12-2022
2 Dec.22
Revision of Avyakt Murli
Sr. Sheilu
3 Dec.22
Deepening our Connection with the Seed
Br.Atam Prakash
16 Dec.22
Avyakt BapDada 16-12-2022
17 Dec.22
Revision of Avyakt Murli
Sr. Sheilu
31 Dec.22
Avyakt BapDada 31-12-2022

5.Q+A Dr. Nirmala
On monthly basis, different topics have been sustaining BK family in Asia Pacific region. Sometime we decorated special versions with flowers beautifully.
6 Nov.22
Experiencing Baba the seed in our practical life
13 Nov.22
Wisdom in Brahmin life
27 Nov.22
Creating & Deepening Avyakt stage

4 Dec.22
Becoming a Bestower
11 Dec.22
The art of being Natural
Didi Nirmala
18 Dec.22
Harmonising Sanskars

6.Golden Drops
Thailand never lose track of spirit of serving humanity with trust in God and His global family from all walks of life. We have calendar of each month to follow up in bi-lingual.

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Golden Drops Global Team sent Golden greetings to divine family at the end of 2022!
Together with Short and sweet update from the Golden Drops Initiative.

* Playlists per topic Almost 7 months have gone by and we are over 140 video’s richer. For more easy use, they are clustered now in a playlist per topic: like nature, creativity, etc. You can find the links at the end of this letter. Visit the YouTube channel to see all new playlists:

* 1 minute promo video to inspire all of you brothers and sisters to join this Silent Golden Mansaseva.

In December, we informed Sr.Judy (Golden drop) Sr.Sonja (Green Angel) for the ideals of creating a beautiful world during Christmas celebration. Moments and Memories of Star Family was recorded in our memory bank and share in many ways, many times.

From Sr.La to sweet Global family and Golden Drops Team

Happy New Year for a New world. Let us share the wonder of peace love and joy from our spiritual Christmas celebration on 24th December 22 in Thailand. Hope to link up with all the roots who will become the golden trunk of the Family tree of Humanity.

After informing Sr.Sonja, (Denmark) and Sr.Judy, (Canada)... Green Angel is being invoked to carry on her unfinished business of 10 ways of creating a new world.This X'Mas she will be introduced again to elaborate with Star Family in Thailand.The best answer from you is ok or not to find her way to give a golden gift officially to create a Golden Drops so we will make a presentation in such a way that every stars is shining and give light of hope the same World Family Tree

And geting good wishes from Sr.Judy
Wonderful dear La. You will have the Golden Drops Beautiful World Film on Dec 1st. It sounds wonderful. Good wishes for a beautiful event

On 24 Dec.22
Green Angel welcome everyone to create a beautiful world consciously... drop by drop of gold, in order to decorate the tree of Humility under the guidence of Golden star on top of the tree.
We have been making the list of well wishers and put all the golden balls up on the wall at the centre to carry on collecting golen gifts.
We introduced Golden Drops to new students in the programme.

In November, we had three special visitors from Columbia to be a part of Golden drop activity as well.

In December 30th, Sr.Da/Br.Suchart visited Om Sweet Home and had chance to give a golden gift for the new world.

7.Special Activities
  • New Students, November, we had two new students to express their love for Godly knowledge as a product of online basic course.

    December we had three more new students to welcome to the family. Sr.Bowling was so intoxicated with the knowledge and trying to be pukka regular/student right then.

  • Diwali (12 Nov.) Diwali festival called ‘Loy Krathong’ in Thai culture, was arranged on 12th November for Thai lokik family at Home sweet home, after celebrating the first Diwali in Brahmins culture with Brahmin in October. We enjoyed lighting up the whole place again. Traditionally, on the full moon shine, we express the love for lotus life like by floating lotus lantern along the river to remove all obstacle in life. Many lotus Krathong was created to invite all guests to the Kingdom of light by making a promise of purity.

  • Sr.La’s lokik Birthday(17 Nov.) It turned to be ‘Sneh Milan’ to enjoy candlelight dinner prior to BapDada meeting, telecasted from Madhuban. Next morning, 17th November personal blessings for everyone was handed written by Sr.La in butterfly card to be reminded.. that we are born to change the self for the world

  • Br.Charlie birthday (2 Dec). Instant VDO clip was made to welcome baby Charlie Angel into the world

  • Sr.Maew’s lokik family.(3-4 Dec.) She took care of her baby niece during covid for 2 years and came back to the center. Little butterfly dress was a center of focus to give them a gift of ceremic angel after showing her ‘Angel’ on the wall

  • Bingo (new company)

    Br.Suthi new pukka student had just started his new company by investing on scientific tool for health issue as described. Hopefully, sooner or later deeper understanding about spirituality, will lead one to achieve spiritual health by realizing Spiritual cause, Spiritual cure.

    Bingo Happiness Space combines Body, Mind, Spirit & Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness, and self-actualization.
    Our Quantum Healing Zone allows you to lie back in a comfortable chair in the hyper-healthy frequency environment and fall into a relaxed or meditative state.
    These field-generating units are precisely aligned to create a quantum bio-photonic field of life-enhancing frequencies that bathe you in pure light energy.

  • Left the body in December.
    • Sr.Nid She left the body on 18 to cremate on 19. We offered bhog on 22 with students online-onsite.
      Afternoon, Sr.Veena (her lokkik younger sister) came with Sr.Nuan and a group of BK's to share more of that beautiful relationship

    • Br.Deepak Without knowing him, Sr.La was asked to do the ceremony in Brahmin way by Sr.Jayanti at Thai temple, Bangkok. Everything was arranged instantly due to his short visit to Thailand and sudden death. His lokik family flew in from different part of the world.

      Om shanti Sis La
      Loving greetings of peace
      I don't know how to thank you for all the love care and support you shared with us in these difficult moments of our loss of our very dear brother... We truly appreciate your presence and service that you did at such a delicate time when we too needed the all the strength.
      Baba was with us at every step ......right up to the even yesterday when we immersed the ashes and will continue to help and heal us. (Sr.Raju)

      Sr.La had gone to do service as advised by Sister Jayanti, representing Brahma Kumari in giving insights about life. When the body, composed of 5 elements is to be decayed, the soul with innated qualities would last forever. She also had brought bhog and lit the light leading the possession before cremation as the relatives gathered to bid farewell to the body for the last time. Sister La stood in peace as an angel in the subtle region sending the soul to Baba’s lap. (Sr.Ying)

      Your presence is powerful and that is uplifting
      This was a new experience for me completely of going to strangers cremation(Sr.Neelu)

8.Image of the heart
December we had three image from the heart: Tree (Br.Tai) Lotus (Sr.Eung) Sun (Sr.Kae) to celebrate with Star Family on Christmas Day 24th Dec.

A tree is born from a seed, initially a root, and then gradually grows from a sapling into a large strong tall tree, giving fruits, flowers and shade.
Trees benefit all things around and sustain all life.
The tree is therefore a symbol of respect for life. that nurtures and sustains mankind, regardless race, religion, who the person is, what role he plays. The humble trees continue to give respect fully.

Lotus flower has a noble nature. peaceful, calm and beautiful. It grows in the mud to blossom,clean and bright. As a sign of detachment and purity.Lotuses are often grouped together and in harmony with natural beauty. It is therefore a symbol of awakening of spiritual life.They can stay with family and many people without attachment. With the power of detachment, they are not affected or tainted by anything that is unclean.

The sun, the point of great light, still, eternal, shining in itself, the center of the universe, sheds light on life and nourishes all things with love, unlimited good will, a symbol of beginning and ending, a light that repels darkness, ignorance everywhere, unconditionally, a great, constant giver. Steady, ever.

9.Kismis Day We had our last video clip made in Thai English, to leave an impression of what ‘Home’ mean to us besides lighting up candle on HOME with meaning of four letter word by 4 guests.

Two new family members shared their feeling, later added by Sr.Deepali...
Memories of beautiful celebrations with holiest and highest godly family! Thank you baba 🌟Thank you family, filled with gratitude 🙏 (Deepali)

Sr.Neelu's experience's related to Golden Drops
We recieved a warm welcome by Sr prapha with an empty chit which we could fill with our virtue to add to the Golden drop, and leave it on the Xmas tree the symbol of our kalpa tree.

The villa was decorated with such elegance perfection and warmth in every corner. Games snakes and ladders on the grass, virtue game on the table, the game of transformation using the soft toys, ice-cream fruit juice snack booth and sumptuous brahmin bhojan so tasty, not to forget the singing dancing with family and filling the soul with Baba's powers.

The beautiful evening candle walk by the sisters depicting the light in the dark night was the highlight. Time for yog and shine upon the world with what we are full of, it's never complete without this.

There are no words to thank Sr.La and the nimitt helping hands special king souls who always make every celebration a joy to learn grow and share.

Thank you Baba and our dear Thai family.

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