Service News from Thailand(August,22)

Table of contents
  1. Avyakt Signal
  2. Magic Flute
  3. Rakshabandhan
  4. Q/A-Dr.Nirmala
  5. Janamashmi
  6. Dadi Prakashmani; Blessing/Fortune
  7. Global Bhatti
  8. Virtues Reality
  9. Golden Drops

Avyakt signal

Each day, one of us has to focus in one Avyakt signal (AS) by sharing on line meeting
  • Sharing avyakt signals: 1-2 sentences at 4.30 a.m.(Amrit Vela)
  • Sharing avyakt signals: full point after Murli class with churning/linking with personal virtues
  • Sharing brief churning on Murli/Avyakt signal/virtue at 6.45 p.m. (Evening yoga)
  • Special effort in joining Avyakti Parivar (both in English and/or Thai) as Didi Mohini also has daily churning on the same Avyakt signals.
Each month – Put into summary for news/views

Avyakti Parivar's Calendar for clicking on deep churning

Promo VDO Sr.La has to be in between overlapping the first day and the last day of the month
1 ต่าย 2 นิ 3 ภา 4 ศรี 5 ปุ๋ย 6 หญิง
7 แดง 8 ปุ้ม 9 ชิ้ง 10 ธร 11 อุดม 12 ป้าแมว 13 นันท์
14 เหมียว 15 เจเจ 16 หล้า 17 ไก่ 18 ต่าย 19 แดง 20 แจ๊ค
21 ภา 22 ป้อม 23 กฤษณะ 24 นิ 25 สมหมาย 26 เก๋ 27 หญิง
28 เหมียว 29 อึ่ง 30 กอล์ฟ 31 หล้า

Magic Flute

Quoting from daily Murli, each one learns to develop monthly virtues on his day, having
virtue card of short word/concept on the back of the mind

Sr.La 'Positivity'

“This Godly knowledge of ours hasn’t emerge from our own intellects, nor is it our understanding, our imagination or our thoughts, for this knowledge is what we have heard from the Creator of the world.

…Whatever we imbibe, it is considered ours when our conscience accepts it and we have experienced it”. (Mama’s Murli 1/8/22)

Different points on Conscience was shared in the class from Sr. Jayanti’s wisdom
  1. Conscience is the aspect of inner being called the buddhi, the intellect.
  2. Every time we ignored the voice of our conscience, that voice became softer and quieter, then it gave up speaking to us.
  3. Even though deep within the heart we know what the truth is, if we don't follow our conscience, it is not possible for the mind to be quiet.
  4. When the conscience comes into play and is alive, it has the power to lead the mind in the right direction.
  5. Our mind will become more peaceful and we will feel light and free.
  6. Our conscience which is the seat of our inner wisdom brings about the inner alignment that allows the mind to stay very calm positive, pure and powerful.
  7. Conscience relates to everything we are involved in from outside activities to our relationships.
  8. We need to live alongside others to be able to see what is going on within our conscience.
  9. If we choose to nurture a positive emotion, wisdom grows.
  10. The golden key is to teach our mind to think positive then our mental reaction will be positive.

7 Aug. Sr.La started official Rakhi tied with 45 souls'in Sukhumvit

12-14 Aug At Om Sweet Home, we had 3 days Retreat on 'Purity' with the first group of 19 souls.

12 Aug Start with 'Chart' to check 'self progress' in details according to Shrimat
'Butterfly', symbol of 'inner change' to decorate on personal journal

'Fresh Coconut Drink' for auspiciounsness and greatness of purity at our first meal

'Mother' Sr.Wallapa had 'White jasmin on blue Ribbon' to pin on all mothers for National mother days... to remind how 'Purity' is the mother of peace & happiness

Prior to make a promise, we had our corner to create the link of love in solitude at Om Sweet home

13 AugAfter Murli, breakfast at 10am, we had first group of 19 souls to tie Rakhi

14 Aug In the morning, we enjoyed 'Lotus' pond and pure family path. With 'Lotus' in our heart as a symbol of 'detachment' out of purest love, we are celebrating this festival of brotherhood everyday.

In the evening, we had 12 souls including BKs' friends/family tying Rakhi at Sr.Wallapa's residence
Sr.Anong (87 yrs old student) came over by wheelchair to tie Rakhi

'Clean + Green' Open space opened our Inner Space for new programme at Out door meeting hall

Q/A: Dr.Nirmala

We recorded only what we translated into Thai(live)

7 Aug. We all had Rakhi celebration with Dr.Nirmala and Asia Pacific Family on line

Double doctor gave a right medicine "Apple a day, doctor away" with Toli/blessings.


The letter of invitation was sent out according to Shimat (AVM 14/8/22)

"Today, you have given a special invitation. Is this what your heaven will be like? Celebrate a lot, dance a lot, swing a lot, constantly celebrate in happiness. Congratulations for having decorated heaven so much. BapDada is seeing Love of everyone's heart. Therefore, in order for this love of the heart to be expressed, …this program is created right away."

The 16 adornments are required as Dress Code
This beautiful song 'Krishna is coming' is inviting you to come & celebrate the birthday of the first prince of heaven (Click)

21 Aug.
We started with the story of the tree of jewels to give the whole picture of eternity
coming - going
Remembering - Forgetting
Getting lost - Being found
Getting dirty - Becoming clean
Beginnings - Endings

In silence, 40 of us created thoughts for a new beautiful world and wrote on butterfly card

This was 'Golden Drops' atmosphere of invoking the sanskars of happiness through singing, dancing, sharing the qualities of souls for heaven

Sr.Ni had different jewellery made by hand to give everyone as a gift.

Sr.La was decorated as Krishna's mother.

It's time to say good bye (indoor)

It's time to say good bye again (outdoor) after dinner and pouring rain

Dadi Prakashmani

On Thursday 25 August, we offered bhog to Satguru and highlighted the blessing of the Murli
Blessing: May you have the fortune of happiness and constantly dance in happiness by being aware of your fortune.
You Brahmin children should constantly keep in front of you a list of all the fortune you have received from amrit vela until night time and continue to sing the song: "Wah! The elevated fortune that the Bestower of Fortune is mine!" With this intoxication, constantly continue to dance in happiness. No matter what happens, even when coming to the point of your dying, do not let go of your happiness. Even when you have to leave your body, it doesn't matter, but your happiness must not disappear.

In our regular evening class on Thursday, we shared the whole topic of 'Karma and Fortune' from the book of The Stony of Immortality as a gift to divine family, in the form of 'Talking book'

Karma and Fortune Creating Fortune through the mind
Creating Fortune through Karma Creating Fortune through Relationships and contacts
Creating Fortune while Settling Karmic Accounts Creating Fortune through Wealth
Creating Fortune through Individual Action Creating Fortune through Service
Creating Fortune through the body Creating Fortune through Collective Actions

Dadiji was such a wonderful soul.Just to sit with her was to feel wonderful....Who made her such? Babe He is my Baba....Keep this awareness. Each one says 'My Baba' from within. Baba calls each one of us. 'His sweetest child. We respond to His love. We have to become sweet like Baba. How can I become sweet? I have to remove all negativity in my heart, mind and intellect. (quoted from one of Dadi Janki's experience)

Golden Bhatti

We also follow a guideline with the goal of 8 hours of yoga

Personality of Purity
Class by Sister Jayanti

Personality of Purity
Class by Sister Jayanti
The whole text/commentary was translated into Thai for maximum benefit. Particularly, each session of Murli excerpts during 3.00 a.m.-9p.m. was assigned to students to read out in Thai for the whole group through Line group meeting.

Virtues Reality

On the basis of monthy virtues/values, this room is provided for all to express their good wishes in the face of adversity.
Sr.Meaw shared virtue of 'Honesty' in summary from Sr.La's regular class to awaken inner wisdom.

Different points of Honesty were shared
  • We need great wisdom to remain honest.
  • Our own honesty will only be visible to ourselves when we have no selfish motives left in our relationships and we can be cooperative with everyone.
  • When we are honest, we no longer deceive anyone or take sides, but have friendships with everyone.
  • When we remain honest , three other virtues are interlinked: patience, tolerance and contentment.
  • If we behave in such an honest way, others become happy with us and we will be happy within ourselves.
  • If we feel pressure in a relationships, it means there is an absence of honesty and love.
  • Where there is truth, there is love. Love always lives in a clean heart, no fear, no animosity.
That's why... The Lord is pleased with an honest heart.

Golden Drops

From 'Youtube', we set up monthly calendar since June for late participants and following up. Some special occasion was always there for Thailand to inspire others to express their love for humanity i.e. as shared on the same occasion (21 Aug) of celebrating Krishna birthday.
The long list of short VDO clip are waiting to be produced and uploaded (at least in Thai language)

Om Shanti

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