1. Magic flute

Magic flute
Monthly, some Murli point was shared by some students to enhance their virtue of the month. Sr.La had the point of ‘Hero’ to share from the Murli of 10 April 22 with the Indonesian family (invited by Sr. to Janaki).
With the spirit of ‘Shakti’ one can be a hero at the critical moment!
In times of great challenge
The hero demonstrated the skills
…to master any situation
by remaining center in inner peace
The hero is well equipped
The hero has armour of humility
…to remain alert and attentive
to his own selfish desires and his clever propaganda
The hero has developed a calm and clarity
…to discern with perfect accuracy
to shoot the arrow to hit the mark
Attention and Honesty enable the hero
…to recognize and conquer the dragons of self-deception

Thank you Br. Anthony for his words of wisdom
…to see the ‘Hero’
as the one who has awakened,
not to be the victim who constantly blames

What a definite shift out of emotional pain(ego) to Inner freedom
and meaningfulness of being ‘The Apprentice of the Great Master
…to learn to serve and to care

2. Recharge

Planned for 30 souls at nearby resort.

Changed to Om Sweet Home for 20 souls due to last minute cancellation to follow Covid's restriction

We started with one wish from the topic 'Recharge' written on each card to reveal the result at the end
° Br.Anil – Changed & Ready to serve
° Sr.La – Spiritual Detoxification

Full of knowledge for Holistic Health
Filled with good wishes to see healthy & happy Family

Out of 10 BKs beautiful experience shared, two was translated into English

Recharge - Detoxin, or physical detoxification, and eliminated the poisoning of feelings of emotions that are harmful to attitudes towards oneself and surrounding people and ultimately becoming a social pollutant Personally, I have been suffering from diabetes for 5 years, I am worried about the medications being in use so much, so I attended this workshop, and learnt about holistic health as well as physical and mental health, especially the food we eat must come directly from nature. If it is a commercially processed food , it will cause the body to get toxic substances instead and get sick as a result. In regards to the mechanism of the body, the ducts in the intestines. (click read more)

This class made me realize that the surrounding environment in our lives is all toxic.This includes the mental state of anxiety, cloudiness, perfection, rejection, which are accumulated to destroy our cells and it is ready to cause serious diseases in the future. So I realized... There are a lot of things that, once we know that, we can change immediately to restore our good health, so start by consuming the right kind of food. (click read more)

In the class room


BK's Food

Sun Rise and Sun Set is always here at Om Sweet Home to say good morning and good evening

At Dubuo for bicycling

3. Chiangmai Trip

By visiting Sr.La's lokik mom, 4 sisters had chance to make instant Baba's house out of Green - Clean environment nearby (belongs to Sr.La's freind) to follow strict BK's routine.

Sr.Thom (Vegan Restuarant's owner) came with big course to serve the family wholeheartedly.

Sr.Ying (Chaufeur on duty) was so happy just by a dip in 'Hot Spring'

Sr.Meaw drove one hour from Pisanulok to give hand made gift to Sr.La
on the way back to Bangkok.

4. Leading with Silence, Simplicity and Surrender

On 25 April, Sr.La presented bouguet to Sr.Rajni before her Murli’s class. We also took 2 questions from the session to share in our BK family Retreat (in May).
  1. What do you think are your main challenges? When dealing with the people who collaborate to lead others in this final period?
  2. How are you preparing yourself to lead others in this final period?

5. The Power of Awareness

Each session was assigned for each student to create vibration with each expression of commentary from 3am till the end.

6. Image in the heart

April, we had 2 images beautifully done to experiment with yoga.

1.Flying bird(Br.Pom)

2.Viman (Sr.Pui)

7. Q/A - Dr.Nirmala

3 Apr
17 Apr

Om Shanti

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