In the pure silence between yourself and God, listen to the soft, sweet whisper of true love.

To learn the secrets of love that only the soul can know, plunge heart-first into the Ocean of Love.
    You are invited:
  • To celebrate a special kind of love that is experienced in an extraordinary moment in time - The Day of Power, the Day of Remembrance. Somewhere, someone attained His perfection and became Subtle Angel. In the body of Light, he in inspiring us all through his purest desire to uplift humanity in the name of God. The Beloved appears, and the prigrim's heart is ignited.
    The seeking ends...

    Brahma Baba
    Founder, Brahma Kumaris
    World Spiritual University

  • To experience creative expressions of eternal and immortal love through reflective silence, songs, video, personal experiences, and enlightenment.

Sunday January 31st, 2016
10:00 am to 12:00 noon

Refreshment Served

At Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Foundation
85/156-8 Fah Luang Village, Chaeng Wattana Rd.(27),
Pakkret, Nonthaburi

Tel. 086-448-6700

Free event as a community service

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