The first spiritual concert Symphony of Light was arranged as Sr.Timmy Cruz offered herself to come to Thailand from the Philippines. Our purest desire to glorify Divine Light during Shiv Ratri in February was postponed to 7 March 2015 to match with everyone concerned.

On the occasion of Sr.Leela-Centre co-ordinator in the Philippines,visiting Thailand for a Rotary Peace Scholarship from January 5-March 28,2015., she became a bridge bringing Sr.Timmy Cruz to Thailand

Sr.Timmy Cruz, 6 years BK student, once was a Vice-President of Family bank turned to be a professional singer as she has always dreamt to be.What makes Sr.Timmy happy is to live her life lightly and peacefully in sweet love while sharing her God-given talents to the world. 200 participants were welcomed by refreshment and Virtues scope at the foyer before the programme stared at 5.30 pm till 7.30 pm.
Silence was the point of entrance into a state of peace and love.

In the beginning there was Silence: sacred, serene and secure. Deep in the heart of silence is the Point of stillness, Seed of immortal light, Turning point for creation.

From this Point flows a transformative silence, which reconnects and reconciles all things into a state of peace and love. The Point turns chaos into harmony, selfishness into respect, ignorance into awareness.

As we step into the eternal stillness we can hear the pulse of silence, absorbed in the soundless light, we are connected to the Heart of One.

A Parade of magic candles
A Parade of magic candles in the dark hall gave the significance of Light to invite 10 special guests to spread the light to the world collectively. Sr.La conducted with commentary.Sr.Leela expressed seven qualities of Divine Light before opening speech of Rev. Bro. Dr.Bancha Saenghiran, President - Rector Magnificus of Assumption University.

In this introspective silence,I begin to realise my eternal self,the soul
Beyond the physical, social, cultural self is the real me. The self which is immortal, an infinitesimal point of infinite energy.
I am that point.
In silence, concentrating my thoughts, I remember my original goodness, my innate blueprint of peace, purity and complete freedom.

The deeper I go into silence, into concentrated thought, the more I recognise the original blueprint of my soul-self.

In the silence, receiving the current, connecting to my original self, a subtle energy flow of pure feeling is released.

A silent, gentle and powerful release of love in and around me.

Who am I?
1 am eternal, immortal energy, a being of peace.
I am a soul,
An instrument for change.
Sr.Leela shared experience of special event.
The Symphony of Light Radiates!
The spiritual program, Symphony of Light on March 7, 2015 from 4-7pm at SC Asset Auditiorium was a new experience of sound and silence as expressions of peace, love and happiness. Sound was experienced through the songs of Ms. Timmy Cruz, singer-actress-composer-yoga practitioner from the Philippines who soulfully rendered her original compositions. Silence was experienced through spaces of meditation in between to go into the depths of quiet bliss. The program was attended by 200 people from all walks of life. 9 different group leaders was invited to spread Light at the Opening session. Tan Chan welknown Buddhist monk shared his spiritual experience highlighting how the songs and dances radiated the vibrations of joy even if he did not understand the words. The language of love, happiness and peace is truly beyond words that we speak. It can be felt just like the light of the sun can be felt by everyone regardless of race, color or creed.

Interview Timmy Cruz

In the brief interview of Ms. Timmy Cruz during the program by Sr. La, National Coordinator of Brahma Kumaris that hosted the program, Timmy shared that raja yoga has given her a different perspective in life realizing that our true essence is the soul. Knowing our identity as soul with a body makes us have deep faith in our eternal spiritual self that regardless of our lifes circumstances, we will not fall or fail, having full control and understanding of who we are and what is happening around us. In contrast, attaching ourselves to the identity of the body, our worldly achievements, and physical relationships limits our life perspective to the temporary sources of happiness that come and go, hence making our lives miserable. She also shared

My Guiding Light

that her deep experience of Gods love gives her great inspiration to write and compose music. Her song, My Guiding Light tells of how God has been her Father, Mother, Teacher, Friend and Beloved.

The unique, spiritual program that evening made the minds, hearts, (and feet) dance and sing to the melody of ones Symphony of Light within.

There are very beautiful feedback at the end of the programme written on a piece of paper. See many more from News in Thai version. Please click on to see which is your handwriting in English to imprint it on your memory bank - to recall your sweet experience.

"Timmy is good singer, spreading.... all the good feelings we kept in side. Just by singing she makes it reach people. Thank you Baba for your team work with excellent ideas to decorate the hall... the tables, for the flower arrangement, for many participants..and many more..
I feel great like u ..Baba" (Sr.Shanta)

Symphony of Light gives new way of introduction about the self as the constant radiating light and it connection and relationship to Supreme Light. Journey of this program convey the message by going into sound and joy of the outer world and end with essence of spiritual - silence and happiness.
I believed vibrant song and music at the beginning opens everyone hearts and mind followed the lyrics that carry the message of life, soul and God. When the hearts open with music the message flow easily into it.
Sister Timmy's special gift of singing and self composed song with spiritual message of Guiding Light and Love add value for the program . Her Talent came out with inner and external world of her own experiences.That gives everyone a new look about Brahmakumaris way of serving humanity by giving practical understanding of the soul and Light. At the end everything recalled into essences about soul and link to God through open eye meditation experience and silence.. Thank you (Sr.Vanaja)

Sister Timmy got her video clip made for Thai trip to say thanks to Thai family as soon as she reached home.

Sr.Leela and Sr.Timmy said goodbye to Thai family at Brahma Kumaris Centre, Nonthaburi.

Silence Meditation

Sister Jayanti's commentary for silence, make everyone to understand the self, Supreme Being and the qualities that every individual should have in their life.
Om Shanti

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