Heart of Butterfly in Chiangmai ended with 2 words "success" and "Happiness". Eventhough student turned up 7 out of 10. Working with Baba we could have everything ready in time.He provided nice place to enjoy natural environment for 2 nights and He also picked beautiful flowers to be His special children!!! A little surprise took place where... participants showed up without any question of how,who,what,where- and served the purpose.Team of 5Bks came out with excellent preparation of spiritual classes and activities that fulfilled the needs. Unexpectedly, young business man with big generation gap amongst 7 participants took full benefit from well-planned courses.As soon as the GABA music started and he saw all the seniors joined with a little voice" I never learn how to dance" but till they had colorful sticks in their hand they realized how angels move.Young brother had smiles on his face as he watched.We felt that it was all we need to see!!! 7 butterflies flew with knowledge, love, peace and happiness.

He flew back to Bangkok with special experience to make family expressed their appreciation from the heart.From what he learned as Buddhist made him surprised how spiritual practice expressed their sanskars of happiness through harmony dance. (Sr.Eh)

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