In response to Br.Suraj's sweet letter regarding to Thailand's visit, let us take another opportunity to express our gratitude to Baba again for beautiful experience of BK family. We started with Hindi group on his first day 27 July 15 at Sukhumvit. They knew him from TV programme and wanted to meet him in person then they shared wonderful feelings in the first report from Pinthu centre during 29-30 July,15.

His second day on 28 July,15 at the main centre, Nonthaburi, we had morning class. 10 am. till noon programme hold a topic of ' Raja Yogi Lifestyle' attended by 50 souls as a follow-up from ' Yoga & Unity' public program held on 21 June , International Yoga Day.

Prior to Br.Suraj's talk on 'Raja Yogi Life
Style', 8 heros welcomed everyone with 8
powers as Raja Yoga's attainment.
Yoga power did wonder in his presence to give valuable experience to all. They said "It's worth making more effort to attend the programme when the situation and the venue changed last minute for two full day as Pinthu centre, at another side of the city. - They adjust to commuting back/forth twice a day some time in 2 hours traffic and heavy rain late night..

"Month of July welcomed more senior Yogi Souls to Thailand Godly Family. Gathering in their presents preparing every souls to have intense effort through Godly sustenance. Suraj Bhai classes and yoga guidance signaled about present time to open door of intellect towards application gyan and yoga in order to experience spiritual achievements. This Only can Happen through accurate spiritual practice -gyan churning , yoga and dharna- that help to close door to carelessness, laziness and defects in the self.

Method to concentrate, avoid complication, and proper understanding in gyan are fundamental practice what I need to experience easy raja yogi life. Thank you Baba, Godly Family and drama"(Sr.Vanaja).
At the end,Br.Suraj applied tilak to all and Sr.La tied Rakhi to guests.
Late afternoon, Br.Suraj explored the glory of ancient kingdom in Thailand. At the grand Palace, there is story of 'Ramayana' painted on the wall(Mural).

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