Service News from Thailand, August'14
30July - 7 August'14
What a fortune to have Sister Shielu with us filled with beautiful fragance of Madhuban - The Land of Blessing!

Sister Shielu had ‘Rakhi celebration’ with almost 300 students at 4 different centres.
Her visit during 30 July till 7 August,14 started from Sukhumvit (Indian) Family for 3 days, 2 days at Pinthu centre, one programme at New Lotus House,2 days in Chiangmai,and 2 days in Nonthaburi.

On her last day, she visited Thailand tallest building 'Baiyoke Sky Hotel'. We went up to 84th floor called ‘The Bangkok’s 360o Revolving roof Deck’ to see Bangkok city and to be prepared for future ‘Grand Finale’ with our highest consciousness of being instruments of Love for God. There will be 21 organization's representatives to end Public Programme on 21 September by dropping Good wishes cards from the Roof Deck… Let see who will pick up any card with No(1-134) and try to understand the elevated version behind.
Mr.Chaiporn Mahakan, Excecutive Director & Group General Manager arranged Rainbow grand hall on 17th floor for ‘Grand Finale’ for ‘The Love of ONE’ on 21 September,14.
Sr.Shielu tied ‘Rakhi’ for his family and confirmed his bhavna for the Source.

Sr.Shielu's message for 21 September in her last class also confirmed our deepest desire to glorify the ONE.
“I would like to say that now is the time to experience God’s love because God has come to give us all that He had. He is giving us the third eye of knowledge with which we can see the three aspects of time, with which we can also visualize the three worlds. He is giving us the strength to experience all the powers within the soul and then finish all our weaknesses. This is His love for us, for the children and this is the time- the time of transformation of the world that we can experience such type of love of God. It is said, if not now then, never. If the time passes then later on we will not be able to do it. So, if I do it now then I will receive it. If no then time will pass and I will be left out. So, better late than never. Understand yourself, understand the purpose of life, understand to whom you belong to, understand why you are here and take all the inheritance which is your birthright from the Father now. This is what it means to belong to One. I was, I am and I will always belong to One. This is the promise we have to make, because whoever else we have belonged to ultimately everything is going to finish. Whatever we possess or belong to us, even that is going to finish. Nothing is eternal of the world. Our soul is eternal, the Supreme Being is eternal and all the values, the virtues and the powers that will remain eternal. So whatever is going to be eternal that we have to give importance to and renounce attachment to the perishable. This is a true message which can be given for this day. Om shanti.”

11-13 August'14
The inauguration ceremony of Lighthouse , the new building of Pattani Center, Thailand on 12 August 2014
by Didi Dr.Nirmala

Didi arrived in Pattani on 11 August around 3 p.m. Rakhi tying ceremony started in the evening for the family in which everyone made the promise to Baba and received blessing and toli ( sent from Nonthaburi main center). Next morning after the murli and Didi’s class, the inauguration ceremony began in these steps suggested by Didi 1)apply swastika with red powder on the ground at the entrance; then few grains of rice, coriander seeds, jiggery-gula were sprinkled on the swastika 2) flag hoisting 3)coconut cutting 4) ribbon cutting. Didi put Shiv Baba’s picture on the front door. The public program was held in the evening in which Didi emphasized meditation based on the right knowledge as the training of the mind to think positively such as peace and happiness can help transform any unwanted habits. About 70 people including BKs attended the public program.

Next morning Didi gave a special class for BKs at Pattani who have special Godly service to do to serve locally where terrorism has lasted since 1947. The essence of Didi’s class is that when we have a clear picture of heaven , we have disinterest in the old world. Our interest is in gyan and yoga; we should have determination and faith in Baba’s directions. Time is short so become a karma yogi who remain in Baba’s remembrance in every actions. Didi gave some sample cases of mothers and daughters in India in the early 1940’s who were opposed to their following the principles by their violent fathers, mothers or husbands , even tortured or starved to death . If we have faith in Baba. Baba will help us.This tapasya will help us to become successful in inculcating dharna for the establishment of the new world. So with powerful yoga, give Baba’s message. Many will accept easily with our pure vibrations.
Lots and lots of congratulations for this auspicious event. (Sr.Prapa)

28 August'14
'Power of Goodman network' to bring happiness to southern provinces under Ministry of Social Development and Human Security granted honorable plague to Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Foundation in Pattani for supporting Volunteer groups in their good deed at Park Veiw resort, Pattani.
Sr.Tim Sr.Aui and their team is truly deserved to be honoured officially in this critical moment, in the middle of Muslim area.
Om shanti

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