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15 February 2014

Shiva is incorporeal. He is called the Ocean of knowledge, the Blissful One.
Only Shiva, the Supreme Soul, gives knowledge and has mercy.

His knowledge is His mercy.

Here, if someone hears even a little knowledge, he claims a right to heaven. In fact, it is the stream of the nectar of knowledge through which your sorrow is removed for 21 births. By them bathing in the living Ganges of knowledge, people can become residents of heaven.

On 31 January 2014, through a live transmission the whole world was awaken to listen to His direction to be able to take into actionsfor a sake of liberation!
With courage of the children,the Father helps!

Sr.Karen (Amarjit Kaur Doowa) send Sr.La a message during live transmission at different corner of Bangkok Metropolitan area. Supreme Direction from live transmission through which our Celebration of Love was arranged on Saturday 15 Febuary at the Club House of Golden Heritage residential area. You, your friends and family are most welcome to the Moments of giving gift by Peacemaker on Sunday 2 March,2014 at the same Club House, Golden Heritage, Rachapruek.

A sweet reflection from Sr.Karen

"I received a strong message from God on Jan 31st eve, to do something in "my area" for World
Renewal, for spreading Peace and Love.. and I immediately and impulsively acted upon it, by emailing Sr. La, Head of Brahma Kumaris Thailand, and my dear senior spiritual sister, to help me do a program, here in 'Golden Heritage' my home area, in this month of Love (February), as my birthday is also in this month.
Magically everything happened after that. Her response, Brother Anil's announcement in Murli class on Feb 8, my calling and rushing over to meet Sr La that very day, all of them coming over to take a look at my house area, a meeting of the residents of the moobaan(complex) taking place that very evening, and within a week, we were all gathered beautifully..spreading virtues..on Saturday evening, Feb 15.
The whole place looked angelic, with soft fabric streamers, and red hearts as decor, and the coordinators wearing white with peach scarves and pink rosesa It was such a beautiful vision.
We welcomed all the friends into playing "Virtuescope", while live singing took place (we sang an Indian song too).. and snacks were laid out creating an enticing picnic ambience. Everyone loved and benefitted from the game.
We all then went inside the spacious and decorated Club House, for a moment of silence, followed by an introduction to the 5 core virtues through video clips, PowerPoint, and sharings by 5 of us.
The magical moment of the day was when colored balloons and rose petals were showered on everyone was such a blissful sight! Everyone was so happy and peaceful.
Many people also got the chance to share virtues reflections, based on picture cards that had been distributed earlier to them, giving their personal thoughts about it.
I was then surprised by cake cutting in celebration of my birthday. My husband and all 3 mothers were present to share this lovely moment - My mother, my mother in law, and Sr La our Thailand Bk mother.
We then proceeded in silence with soft Baba's song playing sweetly, as we walked over to Baba's home, blessed by the name "Guru Kripa"..and had a very sweet time of silent evening yog. It was very empowering as many felt and expressed the energy around. I sang the song of the day as it turned out..Yeh Dosti him nahi torengey ( This Friendship I will never break..), a very popular Hindi song.
Everyone got blessing cards and Toli too.
An amazingly beautiful soft sweet day filled with lightness and love. Everything happened by itself, we just floated along..
Thank you Baba so much.
Love you."

Invitation to One-day Inward Journey for all Peacemakers on Sunday 2nd March, 2014
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