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Saturday 21st September 2013

An International Day of Peace gave us an opportunity to arrange Public Programme 'From Sound to Silence' to get sweet co-operation from 100 people of all walks of life and different nationalities.
On 21 September 2013 from 10.00 am till 8.00 pm at Convention Hall,Chulabhorn Research Instititute, Bangkok, we offered Seven Keys of Enlightenments to the Travellers for the sake of our own elevated stage of remaining beyond sound according to collective effort of worldwide spiritual network during 15 September-15 October,2013.

"The elevated stage of remaining beyond sound is the powerful stage of being beyond all physical attractions and being detached and loving. This stage is known as the karmateet stage, the stage of being equal to the Father, the stage of perfection. (AV 28.1.80)"
    Quoted from Sister Barbabara Ramsay, the author of Tao of Traveller, we welcomed the seekers
  • "The truth is that seekers come in all shapes and sizes,living all kinds of lives.
  • The truth is that there is a power in each of us, a power that goes largely un-tapped and unrecognized,hidden even from our own selves.
  • The truth is that you don't have to go anywhere.There are no plane tickets to buy,no bags to pack.But you do have to be ready to travel.
  • The truth is that the quest exists.The knowledge these writings contain is as ancient as time itself.Rediscovered in the last century,it has been unearthed and offered to humanity."
We introduced 'Tao of the traveller' movie 2 minutes to see how the ancient wisdom travelled through time from the ancient land to the ancient soul in the body of a modern girl, Sr.Tamasin in Australia.

For the first key,we opened the third eye by the healing sound of 'Om'. Br.Koo brought out the vestige of ancient civilization and symbolic which connect with the eye of the soul.
"The Eye of Horus" of ancient Egyptian symbolises protection, royal power and good health.It would bring about eternal kingdom, oneness and righteousness for the world and it can't be destroyed. In a one American dollar, it was shown on top of the pyramid which also known as "The all seeing eye".

It is quite striking, seeing the correlation between the Eye of Horus and the internal structure of the center of the brain at the cross section, where the Third Eye is located.

The Third Eye or the Eye of Knowledge is known as the gateway to higher consciousness. Hinduism and Buddhism use the third eye as symbolism of enlightenment which is shown as a dot, eye or mark on the forehead of deities and enlightened beings.This is why Hindus place a 'tilak' between the eyebrows.

The pineal gland, located in the middle of the brain, was believed to be the seat of the soul thus the position of the third eye. Catholicism depicts pineal as a pine cone in art. Buddhism depicts it on the head of Buddha statue. The pine cone was shown at the top of the staff of Orisis.

The Caduceus, the medical sign for health and well being, depicts the two serpent energies spiraling up the spine activating each chakra. Hindu and esoteric medicine has always known of seven Chakras which run in a line through the body that follows adjacent the spinal column to the brain. Through them flows the energy or life force of the body. Chinese call this Qi. The energy is divided into two seperate streams of male and female based energy called Ida and Pingala in Hindus. These two streams of energy coiled in alternative spirals through the chain of chakras."

To experience of silence in sound, there were artistic inspirations from multi-media and different musics. Exchanging ancient wisdom through dialogue also got BKs students to express their talents from their hearts.

Br.Noom had his search matched The Universal light in Second Key.

Br.Golfmusician had introduction of 'Justice of Karma' made for his father- Ex Jet Fighter Pilot in Forth Key. At the end, he sang his Father's favorite song 'Sound of Silence' in his broken Englishwith deep meaning of 'Silence' from Br.Koo. As many members of his family was "General", 10 family members attended the programme with full interest.

Br.Viraj-unique creator shared his experience of being God's instrument in a body of youth(30 years old) as an engineer/architect for Global Archithectural co.,Ltd. His ideas were totally accepted in many unique designed building to prove God's world renewal task.
"Congrats to the team for Organising the event of success
I am aware that the quality of my contribution to society is reflective of my own inner strengths, individually and collectively of knowledge. Through these events i hope to create a network of youth who become examples of integrity and self-respect, inspired to live according to their inner values and an good cause to contribute to society as emerging leaders of the future...!!

Sr.Stop,representing youth in modelling world,was so determined to set an example of 'seeker' not money maker.

A group of youth proved Diamond life like in Sixth keys. Om Cafe got everyone expressed Values that made them shine during tea break.

From the same heart, all posted an experience of observing silence at 12 noon for International Day of Peace 21 Sept',13
"The BK Day of Peace was a well-structured program with interesting speakers and topics around the subject of peace and various aspects of leading a fulfilling spiritual life.
The day flowed well and each of the sessions made much sense, and provided useful and thought provoking wisdom.
And best of all, there was truly a sense of peace and spiritual well-being in the overall ambience, and no doubt in all the participants. It left me personally with an even stronger conviction that PEACE with LOVE is the only way, and that peace begins with me. Thanks to Sister La and her dedicated team of BK's for a truly peaceful and inspiring day!"

From business world, Br.Alagesen and Tanchan (Buddhist monk) from religious world shared how the Eternal cycle of time in Fifth Key kept them alived to do their best for inner self, having Sr.Nueng a well-known author as facilitator. "Congratulations on another successful Baba's was such a beautiful experience where all the arrangements was first class! I am sure all the participants received a very good introduction of Brahma Kumaris and understand it's philosophy. I also can see how the youth are frustrated with the current physical world and their thirst for truth...I am thanking Baba to give me the opportunity to be part of this memorable gathering."

She shared her tips for travellers by sending email later after having her beautiful feeling about relationship with the Supreme Father expressed in His language of 'Silence', in her stillness on the stage before observing 'Silence' at 12 noon together.
"Everyone moving in their life in the understanding of individual life;s journey. Life's Journey connected to my act and way how I live with commitments from birth to death. Real journey only took place when I consider myself as traveller who need past and go through many sceneries. Some may link to me and others maybe only a side scene. Traveller will carry everything that are necessary and important with him or her to make journey easy and smooth. but sometimes he or she may forgets or missed out to pack something.
So I as a traveller need to carry a true knowledge about the destination. The bag of truth , Food of positive thoughts, A torch light of self realisation and courage to move during the darkness period. In order to avoid carelessness to forget something important for my travelling, I need to connect to Source of Information that gives me the list to check myself and my packing. For me only God as highest Authority will be the place to receive true information , guide, and loving care to move on ....................."

Many thanks for all supporters, seekers and travellers, finding 7 keys of enlightenment in one day - a day for inner peace, world peace.
Third Key 'The Silence Union' also shared 'Meditation as Medicine' Seventh Keys 'The door to the future' is best on the power to give. Their povided pure food and drink to all as a map.

Wellknown speaker Col.Dr.Pongsak Tangkana shared "Back to Nirvarna" with laugthers.

Last but not least, from Sarasas Witaed Ratchaphruek Catholic school, a group of chorus 'Let there be peace on earth' ... Let it begins with me, together with 21 candle lights representing enlightened souls, sharing the path of true peace-happiness.

Om shanti

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