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Weekend with Charlie Angel
31 Aug - 1 Sep, 13

Out of 70 souls joined group photo (unnoticed)
In two weeks,after Dr.Nirmala's programme during 9-14 Augusts,13 in Bangkok, we switched our head to Br.Charlie's weekend programme (31 August-1 September) to find venue for 70 souls who got drawn to the theme 'Inner Experience' through Peace of Mind.

We got two attached venues nearby Nonthaburi centre started in main hall of 150 seats for the first two morning sessions. Late afternoon, due to electricity problem ,we moved to next door small meeting room to fit 50 seats. The rest had to listen via radio channel outside. Anyhow, with cozy family atmosphese, we enjoyed outdoor game, song,dance and picnic dinner.

We had our special card made for 'Charlie Angel'to fly back with all the words whispering in his ears as he walked down the aisle.

We may not be able to translate all experiences particularly from Thai bodied souls

But only God knows how his angel worked tirelessly to put the wings on them, in order to go beyond obstacles through 4 steps towards Peace of Mind.

Some expressed their feelings at the end, some shared their experiences via email.

The first thing I like to say Charlie and I actually are deeply connected. I'm not sure Charlie's happy about this. We were both born in the same year in Melbourne, Australia 1952. I like you to guess who is the youngest? It has to be Charlie because he has more hair. (Ha! ha! ha! from us all) At the end of the session everyone has said the same thing. For me personally, Charlie is very clear, very sensible, very easy to understand. The best thing from my heart there is somebody who is not just teaching but actually living the life.

Thank you Brother Charlie for the marvelous course. Your insights and teaching were inspirational and all delivered in a lovely and friendly style. I enjoy taking a minute of silence every hour,on the hour, no matter what happened to be doing. I learned more about positive thinking-going to sleep with positive flame of mind so we wake up positive and refreshed. Starting the day positive so the day continues positive, and taking moments of silence throughout the day so we can stay refreshed.

Now,I am regularly trying to implement the things you said in my life, and already seeing the impact.Thank you very much, and thank you to sister La and all the staffs who made that wonderful worked possible.

First of all, congratulation on a very successful retreat and thanks to Baba, Bro.Charlie and all the Thailand BK brothers and sisters who made this retreat a memorable one. I was tired physically prior to the retreat but I never felt better throughout the 2 days.....very informative and delivered so nicely that made everyone on their toe. At the same time, for the first time, my whole family was was a challenge but it gave us a new light of hope. Thank you for encouraging us....

My key takeaways from this retreat:
Every hour, we created the culture of peace by having just-a-moment break with the signal of song... to stop every movement.
  • Meditation is an attitude, not an exercise done twice a day...which is a very simple truth that often many forget. The world today is full of challenges where only the power of spiritual element can safe us from being consumed by it.

    In my daily routine, I try to connect, get the power and most importantly, plan the day...put positive energy and love into the task and things will be smoother and happier outcome. I have seen many positive outcome over the years..
  • Teach Mind Balancing -
    I learned that we need to teach our mind to think and not react to external scenes. Care the self, give time to teach the mind...understand your weakness and stop perfecting the physical needs. Balancing life appropriately in all faculties are very crucial...IQ, EQ and most importantly SQ.
Thank you from my heart for encouragement to bring my family to retreat place, and to let me manage everything in own convenient way .It gives me courage to try something that I never done before, so that I can gain benefit through spiritual experience with spiritual family. Baba's love are felt through all souls. It makes unable enable during retreat.

Even though my participation during the Peace Gathering are not all the time as scheduled, yet to be with spiritual family still opens the mind to bring peace into self, with others and in the calm environment of retreat ground.

We had 'Choose to be calm' banner reminds us every where to create cool blue coloured room with 3 principles: Listening-Connecting-Empowering.

It's all clearly reveal through outdoor spiritual activities that make everyone enjoyed and indoor activities that makes everyone learn, experiment and experience peace. BkThais family's feeling, care and love shows strong aim to bring self awareness and peace through Godly act in Thailand.

To be in spiritual life, many gross layer transformation are easily took place. Inner layer which deeply rooted in thoughts, attitude need a very good connection to our own very high quality inner state and accurate connection with the Higher Source of Energy which give power and love , so it bring the fruit of................... PEACE. And to bring this in practical way, Bro Charlie pointed out, to see everyone as soul in natural way. Clear and simple method to bring change into self and move with speed but silently towards PEACE...........................

Sr.Atitaya (Former University Instructor)
I'm scientist. This is the first time to join in the seminar in a serious manner. So impressed! for the best lecture, giving the most impressive knowledge to connect with God which I never know about this before. Previously, I attached to many things which is nothing to do with me. Now I know myself.
Thanks the organiser and the whole team for working hard to give us a chance. I believe that our society will be better out of helping each other like this.

Father Toi (Retired Group Captain - No. 1 Fighter Jet Pilot)
As a retired fighter jet pilot who was trained with the slogan 'Eagle eye, lion heart' No one higher than us, up in the sky. I would not miss any target in using the weapon to get the victim in the war. But when I came to Brahma Kumaris, I know that there is always someone higher than high - sky beyond sky.
In first two lessons, I started to change. With the habit of making sudden decision, I became slower... calmer. When I finished the course, getting more understanding from Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, my life is totally changed - From being big eagle, I become chicken.
(He added happily at the Retreat "I'm so surprise never know about ego for over 60 years of age No one else can teach us clearer than this")

Dr. Sakol (Former well-known medical doctor)
My impression is 'ordinary man communicating like a human being, dressing up ordinarily but with merciful eyes, subtle vibration. Just now, I experienced a 'stillness' at the end of meditation. Usually, my mind wandering to the golf course but when Br. Charlie was sitting, I felt higher energy through him reaching me, freezing me there.
I believe in his personality for what he preached, easily understood, so simple with no one can deny even they are from different faith. It is the same thing for me, nothing contradicting.

Sr. Nuan (High rank officer from university)
I was looking forward to attending Br. Charlie's session to get clear message to examine myself. I don't believe in vision from any theory but real action through my own practice. Br. Charlie made me have more confidence in what I dream of or aim for. He only confirmed my experience.

We had good exercise, jumping to reach for 'luck' as the string goes up/down. 11 people got 'luck' of 11 letters to create 'peace of mind'... even by the pool where we had evening yoga

At the end of his journey visiting different centres, Br.Charlie got coldand almost no rest, he is still made everyone felt warm from motherly love and sweet gentle nature.

Br.Charlie decided to adjust our retreat schedule to finish 2 hours earlier so we all could go home (to the centre 20 mins away) settled for evening meditation and sharing his experience Till we started again at Amerit Vela Murli and last morning Classes on Monday.
Some had group photo and waited to say goodbye

Some special guests attended programme at least half day... to meet Br.Charlie, to have meal with us... and to be-interviewed for our future VDO clip relating to 'peace'

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