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11-13 August,13

An invitation

                  (Thanks Sr.Anthea for your Inner Beauty)

Introduction to Peace
Thanks for original idea from 'Clear Thinking' articleto help us to find another way to 'choose to be calm' by conducting the workshop on 'Stop-Start' at 3-4pm. for 2 groups.
At foyer, Br.Anil conducted for English speaking group.

In the hall, Sr.Tim, Sr.Aui and Sr.Prapa conducted for over 50 Thai university students with sign language for deaf ones throughout the programme.

At 4-5pm. we had now friend, food, and fun in the middle of the garden of virtues.

Sister Stop led the group of Model girls to the event in white dress, without make-up.She herself as an MC.They greeted everyone in the garden of virtues together with the BKs in light of music, snack, the snakes and ladder game. The working team was identified with the card of light of different virtues pinned on the blouse. It signified a variety of flowers spreading fragrance of different types and colours. Sister Stop interviewed some of them.

News in Thai Rath newspaper and 7th TV Channel supporting good and charitable acts

Dr.Nirmala walked in the hall at 5pm. to give talk on Inner Peace Inner Beauty to over 100 participants. Three ladies from the 'beauty' business started with their inspiration.

Sister Oak and Sister Stop introduced 'Inner beauty' with clear explaination on Inner self.

Sister Alis shared with confidence on "A happy life with the real beauty."

There is always someone, somewhere to claim their 'connection' with the source.

This is experiences shared from the function.
Dr.Warunyar, a well-known translator and author of "The science of Wealth "
"The millionaire teaches richness"

"After returning from the Peace of Mind in October 2012, I had a thought to organize a program to give benefits I have received to people but I have not had the chance. This occasion participated in the activities outside the hall and the workshop which are very good. I still keep thinking and thinking 'I have to carry them out. I must help in this work'. When I entered the hall, I saw Sr.Phon and Br.Chai are working attentively; the tower of peace standing on the stage reminded me of the Tower of Peace in Madhuban which gave me a lot of peaceful experience; Two new sisters who just started learning but had the courage to say something good and straight. Everything reminded me of such a peaceful experience at that time.

"In the program, before and during meditation, blissful feeling emerged from the memory of deep peace, amidst the warm and safe atmosphere. I experience the true existence of Baba the Supreme Father, I felt this from the crown of the head which did not allow other thoughts but pulled back to become light, peaceful, embraced in love and spread around. It seems that Baba is telling me That Father forgives you; but keep radiating the positive current from the third eye out..with sincerity you then can create good karma at the present time.

Br.Golf (Mez Sawangroj)
"This is my very wonderful meditative experience in playing music . the extremely peaceful I've ever felt in my 20 years music performance. I felt confident and light; free from attachment to the vision and thoughts of audience standing around, communication within the band was smooth. This is the result of practice with the Brahma Kumaris so I have the determination to share this knowledge to other people and all friends".

Over 10 Baba's children from Pattani, the southern part in the most difficult situation with terrorism made full effort to come one day, one night. Thay had beautiful experence to share...
  • I am glad that I come to meet the family,Sr.La,Didi in the warm,close atmosphere.
  • I feel very powerful.
  • I become enthusiastic to become a pukka Brahmin with one faith.
  • I feel happy,peaceful and intoxicated : understand many more points more deeply.
  • I feel fortunate to come to participate in the program,Thank you Baba.This is worth having travelled to,really worthwhile.
  • I love Baba and the family
    Their lesson learnt
  • The organizational system,the duties and responsibilities were clearly allocated.
  • The love for the Father,family and service was clearly seen.
  • Faith makes everything easy.
  • Courage ends fear.
  • The example of being a spiritual being at each moment of Didian instrument for us to have strong yoga current,full of love and detached.

Two little sisters from Pattani family have their radio spots promoting peace regularly on air in the southern part. Sr.Jenny (9 years old) was asked to sit on stage duing our meditation as we are listening to her radio spot. She kept her stage stable/still.

It's nice to have Sr.Tim(south) and Sr.Noi(north) width in Bangkok/Nonthaburi.

Through the power of God's pure love, the soul discovers the will to follow that path which, honours the best past in ourselves'

Rakshabandhan as the link of love was Didi's main mission to tie Rakhi at diferrent centres in Bangkok Metropolitan area. We had over 20 guests tied Rakki at the end of the programme on Sunday night. Monday morning 12 August'13, there was over 70 BK. students.

At the centre.

Sr.Loom our legal consultant as a law professor from Buriram city also came to meet Didi and committees for the first time.

Motherly love
At BK Sr.Wallapha's residence; Mantana Residential area,

there was a gathering to celebrate the Mother's Day with the aim for Didi to give the clear meaning of Motherly love. It was in the form of questions from a group of mothers and Didi Dr.Nirmala gave the answers.

Sr.Wallapha's family members got the rakhi tied to ensure that goodness, beauty and purity are the foundation to receive protection from the Supreme Father and Mother.

Sr.Wallapha feels that Didi represents the Supreme Mother who sustains Baba's children to enable them to follow the Supreme Father with respect and love.

"I experience Bapdada's pure motherly sustenance through Didiji Dr.Nirmala during her presence at Nonthaburi centre especially during amrit vela, murli and classes.At the physical level,I was given the opportunity to do Baba's service together with Didiji,Sr.La and many contact souls in which I develop faith in Baba,myself and drama to a great extent.I realized that time has come closer to the end when I feel I also am closer to my completion and perfection stage.Along with that,I learnt to imbibe the divine virtues (mercy,accuracy,punctuality and tolerance) and Godly powers(power to discern) reflected by Didiji so that I can become an instrument to give sustenance to other souls of the world too according to the time now. (Sr.Prapa)"

Om Shanti - I am a peaceful soul.

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