BK Family Retreat with Didi Sudesh
1-3 March,2013

Family Retreat with Didi Sudesh on the theme 'The birth of Divine light' started from Friday night with 100 BKs.Saturday evening added with 25 guests on the topic 'Light of Wisdomrevealing the mystery of the Supreme.' For meditation, we had 3 types of speed paint as part of different presentation started with the Birth of Divine light.

Group photo with only half members around at the end.
Any place created the expereince of 'Madhuban' desserves to get blessing from God... Many feed back confirmed as Didi Sudesh said "This venue was chosen by Baba for us to be together." It was Suan Dharma Sri Patum which is owned by Khun Vichien & Khun Srilumpang Sawatyanon on 100 rai land at Patumthani to accommodate 200 practitioners from different religious groups, running on Voluntary basis contribution.
The owners couples

Sr.Sheetal shared "The place is not only beautiful physically but also could feel the calmness & peace in the atmosphere. Give me a feeling of being in Madhuban. Classes with Sudesh ji enriched us with lots of new ideas & ways to understand knowledge. Had a beautiful experience in Meditation and Didi's point come up. "Truth does not need to prove itself" and felt Baba, it just pulled me up."
Individuals who are evolving spiritually develop a clear sense of personal value. Because they don't succumb to false humility, they recognize and accept their uniqueness and embrace the realization that they are free to be whatever they choose to be. Simultaneously, their sense of independence allows them to come close to others without prejudice and successfully work with them.

When birds have to fly to a warmer climate in winter, they flock together and start their journey as a collective. The success of the journey depends on this; an individual bird cannot reach the destination on its own. Birds fly in a particular formation, with appropriate spaces between them. If they fly too close to each other, their wings get entangled, they lose their balance and fall. If they are too far from each other, the accurate formation cannot be created, and they are not able to efficiently tide the currents of air that help propel them in flight. Interestingly; the leader of the formation does not remain the leader throughout the journey, but moves back and allows another to take its place. This repositioning continues until the destination is reached, allowing individual birds to contribute to the success of the endeavor.
We had the principle of spiritual living 'The Individual and in the Collective' as an aim for our life long learning together. We served others on the second night by inviting friends, family and close contacts with a group of friends of the owner who finished Raja yoga couse right before the Retreat. Didi talked on 'The topic 'Light of wisdom' revealing the mystery of supreme. The public programme started with skit from 'Trap' Family in the masks of illusion, ending up in speed paint for meditation

What Didi talked was summarized by 'Tan Chan',well known Buddhist monk in his beautiful words and poem!
Khun Nid,our respected Chirstian contact soul expressed his love for God in song.

Br.Hans and Sr.Hilde An international Lawyers Couples,Brahma Kumaris Centre Co-ordinator in Murnich,Germany added feeling of One World Family
Shiv Baba's Birthday Cake is prepared with candle lighting for special souls to cut and share.

Shiv Baba Lantern was lit by Didi,Tan Chan
and guests with the rest of 16 lanterns lit by groups.

Launch 'Choose to be Calm' was arranged to get blessing from the seniors and family. by introducing 16 values from original ideas of Argentina family and providing 'Choice' from Australian Family.

16 group discussions on values to launch 'Choose to be Calm' together.
The Power to Cooperation
The Power of Discern
The Power to Face
The Power to Let go
Power to Adjust

'The calm before the storm',they say,
Trepidation in their voices,
As they wait
For thunder, and water,
For wind enough to take
the roofs off houses.
Or maybe
As they wait for anger,
Or insult,
Or tears.
'The calm after the storm',they say,
Standing in shocked stillness
As they look
At disquieting quiet,
At houses roofless, and trees tossed,
Or maybe
At intimidation,
Or hurt,
Or rejection.
But the calm during the storm,
Ah...that is power.
No matter what kind of storm
Is in front of you
To have the choice,
A significant gift,
A power you can use
To change the outcome
Of many things.
The power of choice,
The choice of 'calm'
Yours to own.
Then you can stand
Before the storm,
During the storm,
After the storm,
And change the outcome
Of many things.

Values were expressed in different manners

Flexibility with dance of harmony by Didi and Sr.La as a pair to take turn to lead.

love (Sr.Nuan) with power to adjust (Sr.Prapa) had 9 powers backing up for Harmony and Unity.

Humility had Br.Chai, computer man expressed in poem.
Trust was share by Br.Han's interesting story of how he's chosen by God out of love for Truth!...Just be truthful so you can be trustful.

Didi Sudesh's classes reflected her title 'Godly nightingale' such as 'Charitable soul' finished with speed paint for meditation and hand out on 'Act of Charity'

Click for hand out on ACT OF CHARITY

Sr.Karen shared "Didi is such an enigma..she was tireless! And so deeeep and precise in her sessions. I loved how she spoke on each topic for 1 minute..and shared such amazing depths for each topic! It was a wow session.
Her churnings on "Forgiveness" & "Negativie criticism as Mirror to become positive"..were absolutely mind blowing. So well explained...and as we were so deep in yog in each and every of her sessions, Baba's arrow of gyan struck deeply... I experienced :)
I loved how easy it was to be in Yog with Didi around. It was effortless..and timeless.. And her drishti and sweet smile was so unique Amrit Vela was awesome. .and we could have gone on and on. Our postures were so alert too I realized later I definitely felt so charged up, it was like I had attended a 3 month retreat! Just what I needed and had been craving for."


More sharings ... "Bringing different religions into the BK family and allowing them to express in their way was newness and a good idea... All together a feeling of family and at home" (Br.Hans)

"I liked the lightness of the Thai family. Everywhere I saw smiling faces-welcoming us... The program was creative with skit, dance, singing also liked the Intro of the project : Choose to be Calm (Sr.Hilde)

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